Why Carson Beck is embracing  with Georgia football new role after final decision…

The Georgia football program is in good hands with Kirby Smart leading the way. They’re looking like a true powerhouse once again even after the conference realignment. The Bulldogs will have to be on top of their game if they hope to make the College Football Playoffs and it sounds like quarterback Carson Beck is aiming for a big season.

However, Beck isn’t all about the glitz and the glam. He isn’t flashy on the field, however, he’s gotten the job done, for the most part. That’s exactly what Carson Beck hopes to do next season, as he claims “boring” quarterbacks win games, according to Chris Low of ESPN.

“If you watch guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and some of the greats, during those moments when you just couldn’t stop them, it’s because they’re always in the right place with the ball at the right time. Sometimes it’s boring to watch, but it wins football games.”

I’m not sure I’d ever claim Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are boring, but Carson Beck makes a good point. The deep throws are always exciting plays. However, both Manning and Brady looked for the open guy, no matter who it was. They both threw to the check down guy often and just let their teammates make plays with their legs.

Carson Beck fully plans on helping Georgia football win games. He further explains his “boring” take as he hopes to lead the Bulldogs to another National Championship.

“I mean, obviously, it’s cool to do something spectacular, but I’m out there to win. And when you have the kind of talent I have around me at the University of Georgia, it’s about moving the ball down the field, getting first downs and throwing touchdowns. That’s the name of the game, and if it’s boring, I’ll take it.”

His teammates seem to love him too. Although last season was the first time Carson Beck played as Georgia’s starting quarterback, linebacker Smael Mondon Jr. claims Beck has exuded confidence since joining the Bulldogs.

“‘Carson’s been that person since he got here,”‘ Georgia senior linebacker Smael Mondon Jr. said. ‘He’s always chill, always calm, always in control. The main thing is that he has confidence in himself, and he had that same confidence even before he played [here], before the whole world got to see him do it.’”


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