BREAKING NEWS: Georgia bulldogs Re-sign a QB after his bruter separation with his fiancé for three years contract

On early national signing day, Georgia football quarterback Ryan Puglisi formally signed his national letter of intent for the 2024 recruiting class.
Puglisi Executes a Notice of Intent

December 20, or Early National Signing Day, as it is referred as in this year’s edition of the usually busy College Football schedule. Today will see the vast bulk of Georgia’s 2024 signing class confirmed in writing. with 17 signers signed up thus far.

Jonah-Ajoyne Daniel Calhoun, Joseph

Marques Easley
Puglisi Ryan
Jaden Reddall
White Sacovie
Justin Williams’s Clutch
Jordan Johnson, Thomas Quintavius
Michael A. Uini
Nnamdi Ogboko Justin Greene
Williams, Justin
Ellis Robinson
Theodore Evans Nyier Daniels
Chris Cole
Johnson, Nasir

Ryan Puglisi, a quarterback, is the most recent to sign a letter of intent. At this point, he has been fully dedicated to Georgia and has never strayed from his verbal promise. He was once as committed to the Bulldogs as Dylan Raiola, the five-star quarterback, but Raiola then switched to Nebraska, leaving him as the only quarterback in the class.

Puglisi, who is regarded as one of the best 10 quarterbacks in this class, took part in this year’s Elite 11 competition in Los Angeles.

Georgia’s recruiting class of 2024

Ellis Robinson IV, D.B.
Dwight Phillips Jr., OL Marcus Harrison, OL Demello Jones, RB Tareon Tuggle, WR Malachi Toliver, ATH, S. Drew Miller, P. Sacovie White
RB Jordan Thomas, DL Nnamdi Ogboko, DL Michael Uini, QB Jakeen Reddell, TE Quintavius Johnson, DL Justin Greene, DL Chauncey Bowens, DL Ryan Puglisi, DL Nyier Daniels, OL Joseph Jonah-Ajonye, OL Daniel Calhoun, RB Ondre Evans, DB Nasir Johnson, DL; RB Marques Easley, OL Justin Williams, LB Christopher Jones, LB Luke Raab, LS Nate Frazier


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