Another Big blockbuster trade QB raiders reach a special agreement Kansas city chief with four years contract deal verified

Completed Deal: Raiders Agree to a Huge Trade for a Catchy Superstar

The Baltimore Ravens and the Las Vegas Raiders have reached a major trade agreement in Jeff Zrebiac’s most recent mock draft for The Athletic.

The Baltimore Ravens currently hold the 30th pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, despite the opinion of a significant segment of the mock draft community that the team will try to move out of that selection.

This makes sense because, following the departure of numerous key starters to free agency, Baltimore needs to replace all of the lost talent.

Baltimore will probably make a trade back to add as many people as possible who can start because one prospect can only cover one hole.

In Jeff Zrebiac’s most recent mock draft, the Ravens trade the 44th and 77th picks to the Las Vegas Raiders for the 30th overall pick. This is approximately a fair deal according to the Drafttek value table, and it gives Baltimore four selections on the second day of the draft.


The Ravens trade down in the most recent mock draft to acquire four day-two picks (44th overall, Kingsley Suamataia,

After losing three starting offensive linemen, the Baltimore Ravens need to take action to ensure that Lamar Jackson is not under contract pressure the next season.

Fortunately, this class has a ton of potential, and the Ravens select a lineman talented enough to start halfway through the second round of the mock draft. Kingsley Suamataia, a BYU product, has the strength and stature required to succeed in the professional levels, even though he still needs to improve his technique.

Suamataia is all that Lamar Jackson needs to ensure that this phrase doesn’t cause him any trouble in order to succeed.

CB Max Melton came in 62nd overall.
The Ravens have a ton of decent cornerbacks, but Max Melton is one of the draft’s brightest prospects. The talented athlete from Rutgers can play wide or in the slot, so he should get plenty of playing time.
To overcome a healthy Bengals squad and win the AFC North, or to prevent the Kansas City Chiefs from reaching their third consecutive Super Bowl, Baltimore will need to field as many defensive backs as possible. Some of the best passing attacks in football can be found in the AFC.


WR Ja’Lynn Polk finished 77th overall.
The Ravens will have to choose a new starting receiver in this mock draft because they won’t have Odell Beckham back for the upcoming campaign.

Ja’Lynn Polk is a Washington native, but in spite of her poor deep speed, she can reach up and receive contested throws.

The Ravens haven’t had a wide receiver with Polk’s skill set in a long time, and he might make a career out of producing plays in the red zone and winning on the outside.


Gonzalo Puni, Dominick placed 93rd overall.
The Ravens may have a viable replacement for the starting guards they lost to free agency thanks to the mock draft.

Thanks to players like Ben Cleveland and Andrew Vorhees, Dominick Puni won’t have to start as a rookie, but by the end of the season, the Kansas native should be able to increase his playing time.

He can also play a variety of positions because he was a tackle in college. In an emergency, he could slide over and deliver adequate short bursts of performance.

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