Giants finally pull surprise move to sign tops Franchise QB; which cost $155.6 million as free agent for 2024 mock draft… 

When Can the Giants Select a Franchise Quarterback in the Draft?

The New York Giants are favored to select a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft because they will hold the sixth overall pick.

But if you think that Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Drake Maye will be gone by the time the Giants have to use their sixth pick, you probably won’t get one of the best quarterbacks in this class. Does the Giants selecting a QB at six make sense at that point? Most likely not. However, they would be taking a gamble on when the second class of quarterbacks might be selected if they waited.

The topic of how low the Giants should take in this draft becomes relevant if they plan to select a quarterback. Depending on what they are searching for in a quarterback this draft, that response will vary. They probably can’t wait too long if they want a quarterback who can start right away, but they can wait a little while longer if they want a quarterback who will grow. Let’s examine a couple different situations.

If the Giants want a top-three.

There is no doubt that Caleb Williams is going first overall. Either the Bears are taking him, or someone is selling a hip and kidney to move into that position.

It’s unlikely that the Giants have that type of firepower or that the Bears want to move down that far, so if the Giants want the services of Daniels or Maye, they will need to trade up to no lower than the third pick. That will guarantee them one of those two picks. It would likely cost them the top half of their draft this season and next, but many believe it would be worth it if they get their guy.

If the Giants do not want to move up for a top-tier QB…

Yes, there is a lot of talk about J.J. McCarthy’s rapid ascent up the board during this draft season. Michael Penix Jr. has also been talked about as a high-level prospect. Neither of those prospects is likely to be gone when the Giants select at six, but if they are, they probably will get priced out of a pick and should use their first-round pick on a premium receiver, offensive tackle, or defensive player.

Day 2 Grabs

There will still be starting-caliber prospects in the draft on Day 2, but they all have question marks. The prospects that will be available on Day 2 will consist of a new-aged prototype, a gritty winner, or a physical freak. These guys can come in early and operate if the situation is right or have immense talent that can not be passed up.

Here are some names to keep in mind.

Not much has been said/written about Bo Nix during this draft process, and it is difficult to know what that means about his draft status. Someone could come and grab him late in the first round, or he could fall to the back half of Day 2.

If the Giants brass still wants to grab a quarterback in this draft that people believe could start sooner rather than later, Nix is that guy, meaning it would probably be safer to grab him in the second round than wait until the third.

Joe Milton, Tennessee

Bazooka Joe Milton has been on the tongues of many draftniks this cycle. He is the unquestioned physical traits darling of this draft, but the film shows a lot of warts. He reminds many people of Josh Allen when he came out of Wyoming.

Rattler was once thought to be on the fast track to a top pick in the draft as the next up at Oklahoma. Then Caleb Williams showed up, and the pressure began to get to Rattler. He transferred to South Carolina and, after some adjustments, regained the spark he had with the Sooners.

Now, Rattler brings elite traits to a talent-rich quarterback draft. Some believe he is worth a first-round pick, and others believe he has an early Day 3 selection. Everyone agrees that he has the goods to be a starter in the NFL, and if the Giants want his services, they may not be able to wait until Saturday to get him.

If the Giants have not selected a quarterback by the end of Day 2 of the draft, then there’s a good chance they are looking at adding a developmental piece. None of the Day 3 prospects are regarded as Day 1 starters, but many have elite talents that an organization should want to bring in, refine, and see if they can reach their full potential.

Jordan Travis, Florida State

The 6’1” Florida State quarterback came to Tallahassee as nothing more than an athlete playing the position and has worked hard to turn himself into a quarterback. He still has a lot of room to grow, which is why the pick is intriguing. He knows how to win and is unafraid to utilize all the tools. He’s coming off an injury, but that should be far in the rearview by the time he gets to training camp.

Jason Bean, Kansas

Bean’s production and growth over the past couple of seasons have resulted in the Kansas Jayhawks’ success. He is a true dual threat in the game but has the ability to play in structure. He showed maturity and patience at Kansas, as his tenure there after transferring from North Texas was not always the smoothest. It is rare to find a fifth-year guy with so much potential, but that is what Bean has.

The 6’3”, 220-pound quarterback from Belle Glade, Florida, has a great blend of athleticism and poise. He threw 27 touchdowns and rushed for 11 in his first two seasons. In his final two, he threw 46 touchdowns and rushed for 33 scores.

He also more than doubled his rushing yards during that time and led his team into the FCS Playoffs in 2023. The Giants should target him at the tail end of the draft. He’s big, strong, fast, and has a high-quality arm.

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