South Carolina HC Dawn Staley believes Caitlin Clark is considered as the greatest of all time.

Coach Dawn Staley of South Carolina believes Caitlin Clark of Iowa needs a ring to be considered the greatest of all time.

Over the course of her incredible four-year career, Caitlin Clark has rewritten the record books and ignited many discussions regarding whether or not she is the greatest collegiate women’s basketball player of all time (GOAT).

While Clark became the all-time best scorer in Division I history earlier this season, regardless of gender, Staley believes that distinction should go to Brenna Stewart, a former outstanding player for UConn. It’s difficult to disagree with her.

The last time the NCAA had a repeat winner in women’s basketball was in 2012–16, when Stewart won four straight titles at UConn and was named Most Outstanding Player in each of those contests. She was the first female MOP award winner with four wins. In order to become a legend and be included among the greatest of all time, a person must win a championship, according to South Carolina coach Dawn Staley, who was also an excellent collegiate player but never took home a trophy during her 1988–92 tenure at Virginia.

“I never won a championship, even though I was really good in college,” admitted Staley, who helped Virginia win three Final Fours and the one national championship she ever attempted to win in 1991. “You must triumph in a championship. That’s just (my personal view). as though I had a wonderful job. But it’s always, “Did you take home a title?”
According to Clark, she will not gauge her level of success by whether or not she receives a ring.

Clark responded, “I don’t think so at all.” “After four years of playing basketball at this university, I don’t think it’s a fair evaluation to say that whether or not I’m pleased of the way I’ve carried myself, influenced people’s lives, and am proud of myself comes down to two games.

“I don’t want my legacy to be defined by things like how many games or points Caitlin won. I hope that’s what I was able to accomplish for women’s basketball. I’m hoping it’s the young lads and Keeping all of things in mind, Staley is aware that, given her prior achievements, she will be discussed among the greatest of all time if Clark defeats the Gamecocks in a thrilling final on Sunday. Staley remarked of Clark, “I mean, she’s really damn good regardless.” However, securing the title would complete the transaction.

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