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Louisville basketball: 2024 Transfer Portal Tracker

Basketball for Louisville will be available through the transfer site. Examining possibilities for the Cards.
With the formal opening of the 2024 transfer window and the renewed enthusiasm of Pat Kelsey, the Louisville basketball program has already been linked to a number of players.

After visiting the site, all 12 of the scholarship players from the previous season are anticipated, most if not all, to find new homes. Kelsey has brought two former Cougars: James Scott, a high-caliber freshman, and sharpshooter Reyne Smith.

Let’s look at who the Cards have sought out to and landed after former Sun Belt Player of the Year Terrence Edwards committed. This leaves this new staff with 10 scholarship seats to fill via the transfer portal and late signees in the class of 2024.

Terrence Edwards, Jr., committed – G/F, James Madison
Terrence Edwards Jr., the current Sun Belt Player of the Year, is the ideal person to start with.

Last season, the 6-6 wing led the Dukes to an amazing 32-4 record, which included an unexpected victory over 5-seeded Wisconsin in the Round of 64.

In college basketball, Edwards was one of the top players on one of the top Mid-Major teams, averaging 17.2 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game. Edwards shot 34.3% from three this year as well, although he shot 46% from three the year before. As of right now, On3’s transfer portal ranks Edwards as the 57th best player, and 24/7 Sports ranks him as the 40th best player.

The Cards were competing against ACC opponent Florida State in a two-team competition for Edwards. On April 3, Edwards traveled to Louisville and within less than six hours, he made a commitment.

There aren’t even 20 better players in the site, in my opinion, much alone more than 40. Edwards possesses good handling, a reliable three-point shot, a potent mid-range game, enough speed to outrun his opponent, and enough length to be a reliable defensive player. Though these are issues that coaching can address, he does occasionally struggle on defense since he frequently stands too straight both on and off the ball and appears uninterested in blocking shots or getting rebounds. This addition should excite card enthusiasts greatly.

The addition of a player of Edwards’ caliber launches this transfer portal class into success. His capacity to play-make, score at all three levels, and

and defense will significantly improve the Cardinals the next season and provide us with a solid base from which to develop with the nine or so scholarships Pat Kelsey still needs to distribute.

Rain in Reyne Smith, G., Charleston
Although the name may not be well-known, I believe the production will be. It will be really beneficial to bring in a player who has three years of experience and has produced well under Coach Kelsey. It reminds me of our first-year work with Jack Plummer under Coach Brohm, minus the mid.

In the Class of 2021, Reyne Smith came to the university as an unranked recruit from Australia, but since then, he has become a three-point specialist and double-digit scorer. Smith has averaged over 34% and at least seven three-pointers per game every year. His finest shooting season occurred the previous year, when he made 39.4% on an absurd 8.1 attempts per game from beyond the arc.


Although Smith specializes in three points, he offers more to the game than that. In addition, he makes plays and handles the ball well. Although he only managed slightly under two assists per game the previous season, his assist to turnover ratio of more than two to one indicates that he can be relied upon when handling the ball.

It goes without saying that Smith is the perfect player for Coach Kelsey’s scheme. With his lightning-fast release, amazing range, and willingness to move off the ball and pass to open shooters, he will have the defenders glued to him.

I’ve watched a good number of Charleston games, and I’d rank Smith’s defense as average. He has only blocked a few shots and doesn’t cause many turnovers.

Despite having only two career shots, he plays solid defense by staying in front of his opponent. He has also drawn a few accusations, in my experience.

Despite Smith’s lowly ranking of 169th in the transfer portal, I believe he’s a terrific addition for Louisville, particularly given his capacity to assist new players in comprehending the offensive and defensive schemes Coach Kelsey intends to implement.

James Scott, Charleston’s F/C
We now turn our attention to James Scott, a Charleston transplant with less notoriety but more promise.

Although Scott’s class of 2023 ranking was outside of the Top-200 when he arrived to Charleston last season, his size, athleticism, and defensive impact prompted

Coach Kelsey should give him a lot of playing time during his rookie campaign.

Scott was Coach Kelsey’s backup center last season, averaging 16 minutes per game. Last season, he hit an incredible 79% from the field because he was essentially trying to dunk every time he took a shot.

But Scott’s ability on the defensive end of the ball is what really stands out about him. In just 16 minutes, Scott averaged 1.3 blocks per game. If you give him a typical 30-minute game, he blocks roughly 2.5 shots per outing.

It will be very beneficial for Kelsey’s system to have a rim protector like Scott. The guards will almost always be playing in the passing lanes off the ball and will be aggressive with the ball. That’s fantastic for forcing mistakes and creating discomfort for offenses, but it also means opposition offenses will have plenty of chances to go close to the hoop. It will be very beneficial to have someone like Scott guard the rim during those plays.

Scott doesn’t have a really strong attacking game. Being more agile than most five-star players, he can attempt to dunk nearly anything and pose a threat on lobs. His court vision is another thing that has impressed me. If the defense has given way too much to a shooter, he is more than prepared to give it to them.

Although he was only a 44% free throw shooter in his freshman year and had virtually no game beyond of the 5-foot-8 mark last season, he may have three seasons at Louisville to develop that aspect of his skill set. with order to enable him to make more contact with the paint, I believe it would also be fantastic if he gained 20 pounds.

Although I think Scott will play a similar position at Louisville as he did at Charleston in his first year as a backup big man who can run the floor, finish at the rim, and provide excellent interior defense, fans should be most excited about what he can accomplish in his junior and senior seasons.

Ohio State’s Roddy Gayle Jr., G
The more guards Pat Kelsey likes, the longer the transfer portal remains open. This time, it’s to a guard who has a bigger physique than Carlik Jones and a comparable style of play.

Three days after Roddy Gayle Jr. accessed the transfer portal on April 3, it was revealed that Louisville and twelve other Power 6 universities had made contact with the star guard who played his first two seasons for the Buckeyes.

In his sophomore campaign in Columbus, the 6-4 guard finished with a well-rounded 13.5 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 3.1 assists. Despite shooting just 28% from three, he was 83% from the line and had a 1.3 assist to turnover ratio at the end of the season.

It’s obvious that Coach Kelsey is prioritizing the guard position at the moment, and Gayle would be a very good addition. As of right now, 24/7 Sports has him ranked as the 28th best transfer player. Additionally, I believe that a player like Reyne Smith would complement him well due to his ability to get to the basket and make plays.

Coach Kelsey would be wise to target him because of his well-rounded game and capacity to perform effectively in transition. Gayle might be an All-ACC type candidate if he can get back to his shooting form from his freshman year, when he shot 43% from three.

Florida Atlantic’s Johnell Davis, G

Though they may not have succeeded in acquiring Florida Atlantic’s head coach, it appears that the Cards are working hard to sign their standout player.

Johnell Davis signed up for the transfer portal a few days ago, and while many still believe he would follow his previous head coach to Ann Arbor, it appears Louisville basketball will try to acquire the top-ranked player in the transfer portal.

I’m sure the majority of Card Nation is familiar with this young guy, whether it was from their journey to the Final Four the previous year or their Round of 64 defeat to Northwestern this year.

After winning the C-USA 6th Man of the Year award in 2022–2023, Davis assisted in guiding the Owls to their first-ever Final Four appearance.

He progressed from being a star sixth man to the AAC Player of the Year this season. Davis shot 41.4% from three point range and averaged 18.2 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 2.9 assists. In addition, he added an additional 1.4 thefts per game.

In terms of collegiate basketball, Davis is one of the most complete players available. He truly fulfills every requirement. To put the icing on top, he can handle the ball, assist, defend, penetrate the paint, make mid-range shots, and shoot three points with incredible efficiency.

I believe that Davis’ shot selection is the only weakness in his game. He is incredibly confident in his ability to shoot whenever he gets the ball, which is understandable given his skill level.

Card Nation would go crazy if Johnell was signed away from Dusty May, and the Cards would probably end up in the preseason Top 25 their first year under Coach Kelsey. I don’t think the Cards will sign Davis, especially because his four-year coach is now in charge of a team that is located only three hours from Gary, Indiana, where Davis was born and raised. But, as they say, “cash talks,” and we have plenty of it.

Florida Atlantic’s Nick Boyd, G
We might as well take two Owls if we’re going to take one.

It was revealed that Louisville basketball has made contact with Nick Boyd, a teammate of Johnell Davis, just hours after it was revealed that Louisville basketball is a strong contender to sign Davis.

Boyd is still a good player despite being significantly less well-known than Davis, and for good reason. Plus, you should take him 100% if they’re a bundle deal.

Over the past two seasons, Boyd has started over 50 games for the Owls. Boyd is a lifetime 38% three-point shooter who also scored about nine points per game the previous season. He was also the catalyst for FAU’s incredible run to the Final Four the previous season.

Ten places need to be filled by Louisville basketball, and not all of them will be starters. Fans wouldn’t go nuts if Boyd signed, but he would bring tournament experience, reliable three-point shooting, and seasoned backcourt leadership. Given that he is presumably friends with Davis, he could be a fantastic choice. Could Kelsey also express some interest in Vlad Golden while we’re at it?

Toledo’s Dante Maddox, Jr., G
Terrence Edwards Jr. is the first All-Conference Jr. that Louisville has acquired. May I draw your attention to another?

Leading scorer for the Rockets, Dante Maddox averaged 15.6 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game last season, earning him a spot on the All-MAC Second Team.

Swift guard Maddox prioritizes scoring over assists, yet he is capable of doing both. Maddox made 5.6 three-pointers a game, enough for an incredible 40.2% three-point percentage. Additionally, he shot even better the year before (45.1% 3P%). Pat Kelsey’s scheme, which saw Charleston try over 30 threes a game, will be ideal for that kind of player.

Although Maddox is a touch undersized for the Power-5 level, that is not something I would be too concerned about. He has a lightning quick burst and amazing rim-finishing ability.

In early April, Maddox published his Top-8, which featured Louisville and several other elite teams like Kansas, Illinois, TCU, Chreighton, Michigan, and others.

It was earlier in the week that he was said to have visited TCU, but the more time passes since then without any official announcement, the better the news appears to be for the ‘Ville.

Additionally, rumors have it that Coach Kelsey used the team’s private plane for a brief trip up to Toledo. Perhaps paying a visit to the home?

Every night, the Cards would score in the upper 80s if they had a talented wing like Terrence Edwards and an energetic guard like Reyne Smith in the mix.

Cade Tyson, Belmont, F.
I’m probably most thrilled about this move to possibly land, although it will be difficult given the schools that have contacted him.

Cade Tyson will probably be an All-Conference player wherever he ends up thanks to his all-around game and three-point shooting ability.

The 6’7 wing has played two seasons at Belmont. Last season, he shot 47% (checks imaginary glasses) and averaged 16.2 points and 5.9 rebounds. from three after five tries.

The NBA winger and former Clemson star Hunter Tyson’s younger brother, Tyler, has an amazing attacking skill set. Though over half of his shots are from behind the arc, his specialty is spot-up three-pointers. However, he can also drive to the basket and use his length to finish at the rim over a defender.

Tyson possesses above-average foot speed and the length to block or deflect attempts that are close to him, contributing to his strong defensive profile. Tyson has spent the last two seasons with the Bruins averaging one steal and 0.5 blocks a game.

Now to the hard part… Tyson is ranked as a top-20 ranked transfer player and is being courted by nearly every major college. UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas, and about 30 other Power-5 schools. Tyson is a North Carolina native, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see him land at UNC or Duke.

Odds are slim that the Cards will be able to land him, but, my god…, if Louisville did, I’d immediately have top-4 ACC expectations in year one.


Marcus Hill – G, Bowling Green


Speaking of Coach Kelsey flying to Toledo on Wednesday, did you know there’s also another school that’s just a simple 22 minute drive away from Toledo, as well?

Marcus Hill spent his first two seasons at Southern Union State College in Alabama before transferring to Bowling Green State for his junior season, and, WOW, what a season it was. Hill averaged 20.5 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 2.6 assists per game while leading the Falcons to a solid 20-14 record.

Hill has great size for the guard position; standing at 6-4; a knack for getting into the paint, creative finishing moves at the rim, and a reliable mid-range jumper. He does struggle from behind the three point line, shooting just 28.9% from three last season, and he did have an even 1-to-1 assist to TO ratio, as well, but Cards fans have to welcome a bucket-getter like Hill.

HE is currently ranked as the 44th ranked transfer portal player on 24/7 Sports and has a bevy of high level programs interested in him.

The former 1st Team All-MAC combo guard has to be intrigued by the opportunity to play in such a fast paced, Kelsey led offense, and with a little work on his outside shot, he could be a star at Louisville for the next two seasons.

So far, there has been no news on Hill taking any visits or trimming down his list of schools. Hopefully we hear good news soon.


Jason Edwards – G, North Texas


Based on the list of guys Coach Kelsey has reached out to, I’m starting to sense a theme in what he covets most… relatively efficient, high-volume three point shooters, and Jason Edwards is another player Louisville basketball has reached out to that fits that mold.

Edwards spent his first year at the D-II level with Miles College in Alabama and then transferred to Dodge City Community College in Kansas City for his second year.

Now into his third year, he decided he was ready for a step-up in competition, and he certainly wasn’t wrong. In his first year with North Texas, he took the AAC by storm. Edwards averaged 19.1 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 1.4 assists while shooting 35% from three on a ridiculous 7.1 3-pt attempts per game.

Edwards is a pure scorer that has a green light to shoot from almost anywhere on the court. Nearly half of Edwards’ shots come from behind the three-point line, and he’s got an incredible amount of range that would fit perfectly into Coach Kelsey’s system. He’s also lightning quick with a solid ability to get into the paint and finish acrobatic layups.

Onto the defensive side of the ball, he is on the smaller end, just 6-1, 170 lb., so he can get taken advantage of by bigger players. He also had a negative assist to TO ratio, but you’re not bringing Edwards in for passing. You’re bringing him in for scoring. With the way Coach Kelsey likes to spread out his minutes evenly, I could see Edwards being a sixth-man that brings energy and scoring from the bench.

Not much in the way of news has came out on the First Team All-AAC guard since he entered the transfer portal and schools started reaching out. Currently, Louisville is one of, at least, 20 schools to reach out, with other schools like Iowa, Gonzaga, Kansas, and Auburn.


Tucker Anderson – F, Central Arkansas


If Louisville basketball is unable to land Cade Tyson, I think Tucker Anderson would be able to play a pretty similar role in the ‘Ville next season. Anderson spent just one season in the A-Sun with Central Arkansas before being named conference Rookie of the Year and deciding to transfer up.

In his lone season of college basketball, Anderson averaged 14.5 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 1.5 assists, while shooting just over 38% from three.

Anderson has a lengthy frame, standing at 6-9, 190 lb. Combine that frame with his quick release, and he’s able to get off just about any shot he wants to.

His combination of length, athleticism, and shot-making ability have him poised to play well at the high major level and give him a chance to one day make it into the NBA.

Coach Kelsey’s emphasis on spacing and three point shooting would play perfectly into what Anderson is best at. Throw in the fact that he still has at least three years of eligibility, and this top-90 ranked transfer portal player could be an under the radar gem for Kelsey to steal.

Currently, nothing has came out on Anderson’s recruiting outside of a list of schools that have shown interest. Louisville along with, at least, 12 other high major schools have been linked to Anderson.


Bryce Pope – G, UC San Diego


With a roster full of newcomers, a player with five years of experience in college basketball may be just what the Cards need. Bryce Pope spent his first five seasons at UC San Diego and has been the team’s go-to-guy over the last two years.

Pope was a First Team All Big West player last season after averaging 18.3 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 1.9 assists in his senior year. Pope also shot 33.2 from three on 6.8 attempts per game.

That shooting percentage isn’t exactly preferred, but I imagine those efficiency numbers go up if he comes to a place like Louisville where he isn’t the number one option all the time.

Pope won’t blow you away with his athleticism, but he is a solid ball handler that finishes decently well at the rim, has an ability to pull-up from the mid-range, and has DEEP three point range (more than 30 of his made threes were from 25+ feet and beyond).

He also only turned the ball over just a little over once per game, which is impressive with the amount of usage he was getting. Tack on his one steal per game, and it’s kind of shocking this guy is only ranked as the 190th best transfer portal player.

A guy with his experience and range would be a welcome addition to the roster next season. He’s also 6-3, 185 lb, so he’s got enough size to guard the 1 or the 2.

It was recently announced that Pope is expected to visit Maryland on April 15-16, so I’d keep expectations low on landing this kid, or many of the names on this list for that matter, but it’s nice to know Coach Kelsey is out there pursuing talented players, and it seems like Kelsey has a clear idea of what types of players he wants in Year one.

Shakeel Moore – G, Mississippi State

With the addition of Kanye Cleary and the return of star guard Josh Hubbard, it’s no surprise Shakeel Moore has decided to enter the transfer portal.

Moore spent his first season at N.C. State, but has been at Mississippi State for the last three years, where he’s started more than 60 games for the Bulldogs. In his three seasons, he was a solid contributor averaging just less than 9 points per game, 2.7 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 1.4 steals per game.

The undersized guard saw his raw numbers dip last year, due in large part to the Josh Hubbard takeover, but he saw his efficiency improve. Moore shot 47% from the field, and shot a career best 36.3% from three on 2.4 3PA P/G.

Moore is a bit undersized, just 6-1, but he’s a decent three point shooter, solid ball handler, and has quick hands on the defensive end. He’s also got some incredible bounce.

Moore is rated just a couple spots below Reyne Smith at 171st in the Transfer Portal, according to 24/7 Sports, but he’d be a solid addition to a team that still has 10 spots to fill on the roster. You’ll happily take a guy like this that can handle the ball, play solid defense, and consistently knock down open the threes.

Committed Elsewhere


I like to call this the “In Memoriam” section, and if you’ve paid attention to last year’s transfer portal, you know this is where a majority of these names will end up, and that’s OK!!

These guys hit the portal and are immediately contacted by 20+ schools, so it’s always difficult to land them, but I’ve got faith in Coach Kelsey, and Louisville’s NIL to be able to bring in the players he needs to succeed in year one.


Brandon Johnson – F, ECU

Brandon Johnson spent his first three seasons at East Carolina University and put up an impressive stat line last season: 14 Points, 8.6 Rebounds, and 1.6 Assists, while shooting 36.5% from three (on 5.7 3PA P/G).

Louisville made his Top-6 earlier in the week, but after a visit to Miami on Monday, Johnson has committed to the Hurricanes.

Tony Perkins – G, Iowa


The 6-4 senior point guard has spent his first four seasons as a Hawkeye but decided to test the transfer portal for his last. Tony Perkins averaged 14.0 points, 4.6 assists, and 4.4 rebounds in his final season in Des Moines. The Cards were listed as a school to reach out, and he would’ve been a great addition to the team that still needs experience and a true point, but he recently listed his Top-6 schools, and UofL was not on it.


Amari Williams – F, Drexel

The three-time CAA Defensive Player of the Year was actually the first transfer player to be reached out to by the Cards. Unfortunately, that was at a time when Louisville basketball didn’t have a coach, so I’m not sure how serious that interest ever was.  Williams is a dominant defender and has an improving offensive game, so it’s no wonder he’s ranked as a Top-10 transfer portal player by On3.

Technically, Williams shouldn’t be on this list yet, as he hasn’t committed, or set a top schools list, but he has scheduled four visits to other schools.

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