Louisville top tackle Shaun Boykins is pleased to invite all fans for the celebration of their new born baby due to…

Shaun Boykins is happy to inform all of their followers of their newborn’s impending birthday because of.

“I kind of like, immediately knew. I was like, ‘Wait, something’s wrong. … This is not happening.’ So like, all the blood rushes from my body,” King recalled of the moment on April 10 when she noticed the online invitation service she was using sent a digital invitation to her entire list after she had imported her phone contacts to the platform.

King said that when she was setting up her daughter Ivy’s June birthday party invitation, she noticed Evite, the service she was using on her smartphone, offered an option to import the contact information of potential guests.

“I see this tab and it says ‘import guests from previous parties.’ And I just had a St. Patrick’s Day party so I was like, ‘Oh, perfect,'” King explained of her thought process.

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