DEAL COMPLETED: Giants advance for a new WR1 has been successfully

Mock 2024 NFL Draft trade: Giants prepare for life after Daniel Jones; Bills advance for a new WR1
In two weeks, the NFL Draft will take place, giving us plenty of time to think over, project, and plan out every possible scenario for April 25.

We decided to have a little fun today and set up a spectacular trade scenario in which the Buffalo Bills, who select at No. 28, and the New York Giants, who pick at No. 6, switch places. Why? The Giants still have a lot of holes in their roster and require several infusions of young talent, even though they could definitely use the kind of elite talent available at the top of the draft. After dealing Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans, the Bills

last week, they really need a top-tier wide receiver for quarterback Josh Allen, and they should be able to draft one at No. 6. Obviously, this type of trade is a long shot. In fact, it seems more likely the Giants trade up for a quarterback rather than move down — especially to the back of the first round. And the Bills would likely have more luck trying to move up into the teens to select a receiver like LSU’s Brian Thomas Jr. rather than trying to catapult inside the top 10. But we’re trying something here, so have a little fun with us.

As we examine the merits of this trade, remember the close relationship between these two teams. Giants general manager Joe Schoen and coach Brian Daboll both came from Buffalo and are therefore very familiar with Bills GM Brandon Beane and coach Sean McDermott. If a trade of this magnitude is going to happen, these teams align as likely partners.

Now, what would the trade look like? Funny enough, Bills beat writer Joe Buscaglia already made the Giants an offer during our most recent beat writer mock draft — credit to Joe for making this offer even before the Diggs deal — that deserves consideration. We’ll refer to it as the Julio Jones package because it is almost the exact same collection of picks the Atlanta Falcons, picking at No. 27, sent to the Cleveland Browns in 2011 for the No. 6 pick and the right to draft Jones.

So the full deal would be:

Bills receive: 2024 first-round pick (No. 6) and 2025 seventh-round pick
Giants receive: 2024 first-round pick (No. 28), 2024 second-round pick (No. 60), 2024 fourth-round pick (No. 128) and 2025 first-round pick


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