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In terms of the Raiders’ upcoming draft, how much of an X-factor is Mark Davis.
How Big of an X-Factor is Mark Davis for the Raiders Entering Draft?

An important NFL Draft day in the history of the Las Vegas Raiders is drawing near.

The coaching staff and front office of Las Vegas will have several new faces coming in for the upcoming season. It needs help at several different areas and could be a playoff contender as early as the following season with a few more pieces. That being said, as has been the case the past several seasons, one injury could also mean that they struggle to win games. Antonio Pierce is the head coach of the Raiders, but Tom Telesco is the team’s experienced general manager. Along with seasoned players who have been with the organization for years, Las Vegas is welcoming a large influx of new players. Over the past few seasons, the Raiders’ ownership has been the sole constant.

Unlike most owners in the National Football League, Raiders owner Mark Davis has done an excellent job of maintaining a close relationship with the players in the locker room without becoming unduly involved in the team’s daily operations.

However, as the draft draws near, the Raiders have multiple essential positions that must be addressed. The last few seasons have taught Davis he needs the right help in the right places to get the team where he wants it to be. Over the last few seasons, Davis has mainly only gotten involved with the team regarding decisions surrounding its coaching staff and front office.

Davis seems to be taking a relatively hands-off approach to the upcoming draft, which means he technically isn’t much of an X-factor on who the Raiders will draft. However, that is consistent with other decisions Davis has made. When he hired Telesco as the team’s general manager, it was in large part because of Telesco’s track record in that role.Las Vegas Raiders: Johnathan Abram must step up in 2021

Davis doesn’t want to be responsible for correctly selecting players for the team to draft, so he hired Telesco. Davis is leaning on his decision to hire an experienced general manager to choose the team’s draft picks rather than depending on his feelings on who to draft, which could be in the best interest of Davis and the organization.

It is much easier for most NFL owners to choose the right general manager than the right players to draft. Besides reportedly giving his blessing to trade up if it makes sense, Davis likely won’t be much of an X-factor on the team’s draft day plans. However, that is likely his preference.

The NFL Draft will be held in Detroit, Mich., on April 25-27, 2024. The Las Vegas Raiders currently have the No. 13 overall pick.


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