DONE DAL: Just in Louisville confirm the signing of another to star….thought?

Rumors about Louisville basketball: Dusty May is said to have made a choice (Updated)
This weekend, there are a lot of rumors circulating, and one of them is that Dusty May will be joining the Louisville Cardinals as his next stop.
UPDATED: It doesn’t matter anymore if you were against Dusty May being hired in Louisville. On Saturday night, May was named the new head coach of Michigan.

Rumors about who will take over for Kenny Payne as head coach of Louisville are rife (which shouldn’t be a hard accomplishment to accomplish).

Fans have been impatient as the weeks have gone by. But after Florida Atlantic’s NCAA Tournament loss to Northwestern in the First Round, all eyes were on Dusty May.

The FAU Owls have qualified for the NCAA Tournament twice in a row under May’s direction, and they stunned everyone by making it to the Final Four in 2023.

What’s in store for May next? He’s reportedly on his way to Louisville.
Louisville has to be fixed. a substantial amount.

During his two years with the Cardinals, Payne guided them to an awful 12-52 record. Mike Pegues, the interim head coach, guided Louisville to an overall 7-11 record prior to Payne taking over.

Since then, the Cardinals’ decline from grace has been swift and catastrophic.

May might be just what they need, but Rick Pitino’s tenure with the team may not be.

May has spent five years as the FAU Owls’ coach. FAU advanced to the Final Four, finished first in Conference USA, and had an overall record of 35-4 at the end of the 2022–2023 season. The Owls finished this season with an overall record of 25-9.

May has an overall record of 126-69 as a head coach. He could be able to revive Louisville’s basketball program and restore it to its status as a perennial contender with his 64.6 percent victory percentage.


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