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After winning the Super Bowl, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes opened a restaurant, demonstrating that they were thinking beyond their NFL careers. However, don’t expect any favors from the Kansas City Chiefs duo. Taylor Swift’s famous boyfriend, Kelce, is partnering with quarterback Mahomes, a close friend, to expand their successful cooperation into the culinary industry.

They declared in March that they will be launching a ‘1587 Prime’ American steakhouse in Kansas City. Fans and fellow tea lovers have responded favorably to the duo’s description of their project as the “ultimate experiential dining destination.” Since the restaurant will be run by Chiefs icons, one would think that their teammates would be eligible for substantial discounts or even free meals when they arrive, especially since a cheeseburger will be named after their coach, Andy Reid.

However, Kelce, 34, made it clear that he wouldn’t let them eat out for free while hinting that he would pay the tab when he spoke to his brother Jason, 36, on the most recent episode of their podcast, “New Heights.”

for his coworkers from time to time.
In response to former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason, who asked, “Are you guys going to be like Todd Herman and Brent Celic when they open their bar in Philly and just let the Chief players eat for free?” Travis said, “Probably not but yeah, there’ll be times where I’ll pick up the bill guys every now and then.”

For what reason is the eatery named 1587 Prime?
Jason questioned his brother about the origins of the name, and it found out that Travis’s lighthearted comment that it is merely a random collection of digits was untrue.

Eagle-eyed Chiefs supporters may notice that the “1587” portion of the moniker is a combination of the two players’ jersey numbers, “15” for Mahomes and “87” for Kelce. However, even if “Prime” is mentioned, it belongs entirely to Mahomes and Kelce and has nothing to do with the brand of Jake Paul and KSI or any other investor.

By raising the bar for dining in the city, Patrick and Travis hope to give back to the Kansas City community through the steakhouse. However, if the venture is successful, Mahomes has proposed that they consider franchising the eatery across the nation.


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