Former Patrick Mahomes head coach files for divorce after discovering the two kids he raised were born by Patrick Mahomes…


he majority of what has been written and publicly discussed about Patrick Mahomes II has focused on his arm and his ability to make plays. As is usual, the national sports media rarely sees beyond their keyboard.

I have a vested interest in this because I consider Kansas City my second home and my adopted hometown. The three years we spent in KC were the best of our career and the good folks of Kansas City took my wife and I in and made us feel more welcome and at home than any other place we have lived. For that, we’ll always be grateful and we truly love the city as if we were born and raised there.

Now to Mahomes II.

Those of us who are Texas Tech alumni and supporters see quite a bit more. In no particular importance, I want to share my observations and experiences with Mahomes from the past three years.

Patrick is not just an outstanding athlete, but he is an outstanding young man. In Raiderland, we never had to hold our breath wondering what foolishness he was going to get into. He has a solid moral compass, solid values and his focus — both professionally and socially — is on being a role model fit for both young kids and old grandmothers alike. He will be excellent for the Kansas City community in the way that Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith were active, and he has the boyish personality and “boy next door” persona of Joe Montana.

This is huge for me given as how I’m a retired ad agency and brand guy, the leader of a team has to wear that not just on their sleeve, but in their heart as well. Mahomes will make Kansas Citians proud everywhere he goes.

Patrick Mahomes reacts to new J Cole album... as fans question if Chiefs  quarterback is siding with the rapper following his Kenrick Lamar diss: 'If  Pat backs Cole, I back Cole' |

This too has been overlooked by the media. During his time at Texas Tech, Mahomes was an Academic All-American. He didn’t cut or skip class and have coaches cover for him. (Kliff) Kingsbury doesn’t tolerate that. We’ve lost some good players due to their academic hijinks and/or failures.

Concern over Mahomes’ ability to learn an NFL playbook? Zero. Concerns over Mahomes’ ability to manage his money rather than letting it manage him and becoming a distraction to the team and city? Zero. Concerns over his hitting an intellectual ceiling so far as being a professional quarterback goes? Zero.

Much of what I’ve read by sportswriters criticizing Mahomes for a “lack of pocket discipline” has been amusing. Watching six minutes of game film highlights and then penning a story for the press does not give one anywhere near the correct perspective of what Mahomes saw and accomplished on the field.

Tech fans have seen this for three years. Mahomes will see what the defense is doing, audible or adjust the play and then make adjustments on the run. Yes, some of this will need to change in the NFL and he will need to learn when a play cannot be salvaged or saved, but see Point #2 regarding his intelligence. The bigger picture here is that the young man has not only the vision to see what a defense is adjusting or preparing for, but also has the ability to react and counter-attack during the play. In high-scoring Big 12 games, this is critical.

If what they say about reincarnation is true, Patrick Mahomes was a bird-of-prey in a previous life. His eyesight and vision is other-worldly when it comes to seeing the entire field. In three years and thousands of yards of passing, we may never have any idea how many touchdowns and first downs were made because he saw the entire field and every single eligible receiver.

Broadcasters are always good at pointing out during a replay the receivers that were open that the quarterback missed. You can go back and review all three years of Mahomes playing at Tech and you won’t have more than a handful of those remarks by the broadcasters. The kid has incredible field vision and —

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