Vikings pleased to announce the arrival/landing of new sign top QB that worth $45.05 Million as free agent…

Agent thwarted Vikings’ efforts to sign a top quarterback, an insider claims.
Vikings' Efforts to Land Elite QB Hindered by Agent, Insider Says

During Jayden Daniels’ pro day, the Minnesota Vikings did not make contact with the consensus number-three choice, LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, probably in the hopes of getting more information during a private workout.
Regretfully, Daniels’ representation has caused some pushback for the Vikings.

The Vikings have had trouble setting up a private meeting with Daniels because his agent is doubtful that the team can choose him in the first three spots, according to Darren Wolfson of KSTP, who reported on April 4.

“Let me make this clear: the Vikings want to connect with Jayden Daniels.” Wolfson said on an April 4 airing of SKOR North’s “Mackey and Judd” podcast before explaining Daniels’ perspective. “This would be more the Jayden Daniels camp [saying]: ‘We think our client is going No. 2 to Washington or his floor is No. 3. We really don’t think New England is going to move off of No. 3. Why have him do all these meetings it’s already been a lengthy pre-draft process, let’s not overload him let’s have him focus on Washington, focus on New England. Do we need him to focus on the Vikings?’ ”Jayden Daniels to Vikings dream might have come to an end

The Vikings have taken an unconventional approach to scouting this year’s quarterback class with Kevin O’Connell not attending pro days and instead spending significant time with prospects in private meetings.

But three weeks before the draft, O’Connell has not seen Daniels throw in person (he did not work out at the combine) and may not if the Vikings cannot prove they can maneuver to the top of the draft board.

“That’s what the Vikings are trying to sell the Daniels camp on: ‘Yes, we are heavily interested. There is a scenario where we could land him. We want to do as much homework on him as possible,’ ” Wolfson said. “That’s where the dialogue continues, but make no mistake, the Vikings hope to connect with Daniels.”

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