APPROVED IN: Vikings finally land one quarterback from New England Patriots on blockbuster trade…

Crazy Three-Team Trade Offer Lands Vikings’ #3 quarterback prospect.

The Minnesota Vikings have a ton of options when it comes to trading into the first five picks of this year’s draft to acquire a quarterback; however, not many have factored in the possibility that the Vikings make two selections in the first round.

That’s what managing editor of CBS Sports Fantasy R.J. White has done, putting up a three-team trade idea involving the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Chargers that might come up on draft night on April 27. The Vikings seem to have indicated that they’ll do whatever it takes to position themselves to select a quarterback in the draft, according to White’s analysis. “I believe there will be two moves made in the end, similar to the 2016 Carson Wentz trade that moved the Eagles from No. 15 to No. 8 to No. 2.”

The trade specifics are as follows: The Vikings give the Chargers their two first-round selections this year, at Nos. 11 and 23, in return for the No. 5 overall pick; the Patriots would then be able to move up to No. 3 by obtaining the No. 5 pick and their 2025 first-round selection. Considering that the San Francisco 49ers moved from No. 12 to No. 3 in the draft to acquire Trey Lance in 2021, it appears that moving up to the third round would cost three first-round picks.

By taking this route, the Vikings would set themselves up to select a quarterback in the top three, rather than putting their faith on their player to slip past the Patriots.

The Vikings’ acquiring the No. 23 pick in a trade with the Houston Texans after moving on from Kirk Cousins signaled another trade on the horizon. Nothing has happened, which could mean more moving parts need to play out before the Vikings can cement their spot in the top five.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer reported that New England has not shown an appetite to trade down yet this offseason, however, White’s proposal would make sense for a Patriots team that doesn’t have an ideal situation for a rookie quarterback.

Asking New England to drop just two spots and still pick in the top five could be more palatable for the Patriots — especially with the likelihood of drafting a top-two wide receiver or a franchise offensive tackle in play.

Meanwhile, the Chargers just cleaned house and have a bevy of draft needs other than quarterback. They also picked a first-round wide receiver in Quentin Johnston last year and instead could use the No. 11 pick to land a blue-chip edge rusher, defensive interior lineman or cornerback. Jim Harbaugh would likely revel in jumpstarting the Chargers with two first-round picks this year.

The entire world knows Caleb Williams will go No. 1 to the Chicago Bears, but the rest of the draft is waiting on what the Washington Commanders will do — which could impact the Vikings landing their choice quarterback.

Say the Patriots are infatuated with Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels. If Washington picks the Patriots’ guy, a trade-down is bound to follow. But if their guy is still around at No. 3, there’s no saying what New England may do despite better judgment.

The Patriots are currently projected to have a bottom-six offense in the league after a quiet free-agency period and only have three picks in the top 100. But if there’s a belief that a quarterback could be your starter for the next 20 years, you take him.

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