NFC Roster Reset: Top Gainers/Lossers, Most Important Question for Every Club Ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft…

NFC Roster Reset: Key additions and departures, top concerns for every club before to the 2024 NFL Draft.
Who's who in the Bears' 2023 NFL draft - Chicago Sun-Times

It’s not often that the teams who secure free agency transform their offseasons into victories. But with one of the quietest Marches in NFL history, the Cowboys undoubtedly let fans down after promising to go “all in” in 2024. They will have seven picks in the 2019 draft, but none stand out as particularly valuable, and there are legitimate depth-chart concerns (running back and center, for instance).

To feel better heading into a crucial year, Dallas needs to find at least one instant contributor in this draft or swing a deal to obtain one. McCarthy’s job security won’t be secure unless the Cowboys make it to the Divisional Round at the very least. It’s no accident that management allowed Prescott’s contract to remain in place as we approach 2024. All is at stake, and it appears that the ‘Boys are still a step or two away from feeling fully equipped for this enormous battle that lies ahead.
Will the Eagles be able to rebound from a terrifying 2023 season?

The Eagles were crushed in the last two months of the 2023 season by the weight of expectations and maybe a little too much complacency. It seems like veteran general manager Howie Roseman isn’t willing to let a similar performance in 2024. Haason Reddick was effectively replaced by Bryce Huff after he was traded away. He let D’Andre Swift and Kevin Byard go, bringing in Saquon Barkley and C.J. Gardner-Johnson, two players who were at least as talented as Swift.

DeVante Parker provides veteran depth at wide receiver for the squad, while Roseman made a move that perfectly suited his approach by acquiring the organization’s unhappy former first-round quarterback Kenny Pickett, who was living on the opposite side of the state. Will this all add up to something positive, or will the coaching staff and the key players still determine the outcome? And are the Eagles ready to trade Jason Kelce for a draft selection or Cam Jurgens? Everything is out in the air, but if there’s one thing we know about 2024 so far, it’s that Roseman doesn’t think much of a vacation, especially since his squad suffered a setback at the end of the previous season.
The Commanders, who own the second overall pick in the draft, are in a great position to select the franchise quarterback they have been looking for since the end of the Kirk Cousins era.

They’ll get to choose from a group of players that should contain all of the top picks, with Caleb Williams probably being the exception. They’ll have to rely on their scouting instincts to decide between J.J. McCarthy, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels. Are they ready, nevertheless, to introduce their new signal-caller gradually into the starting lineup? As a rookie, C.J. Stroud flourished in Houston thanks to the Texans’ major offseason signings and their offensive coordinator, who wasn’t hesitant to design plays around the rookie’s strengths. Following a hectic offseason, is Washington appropriately

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