BRUTAL SHOCKING NEWS: Eagles agreed to send re-sign letter to their offensive line….

Saquon Barkley attempts to get Jason Kelce to come out of retirement.

Reversing course It didn’t take Saquon Barkley long to start winning over Philadelphia Eagles supporters. What would be his first task? Return Jason Kelce to the attacking line.

Barkley recently featured on the “New Heights” podcast hosted by the Kelce brothers. As of this writing, the episode has not yet been released, however a sample of their chat was shared on the podcast’s official X account.\

Jason said in the 15-second video how thrilled he was to watch Barkley play for the Eagles in the next season. Barkley made light of the fact that Kelce Sr. could still participate in the action if he so desired.

“Dude, watching this will be a lot of fun. Being a part of it will be a lot of fun. It will be fantastic, according to Jason Kelce.
Given the huge spectacle surrounding Jason Kelce’s retirement — including an emotional press conference that had Travis Kelce in tears — it’s hard to imagine the Eagles star going back on his decision within the same offseason.

But as NFL fans have seen relatively recently with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, some of the all-time greats might have trouble staying away from the game, at least at first.

Jason Kelce played the game at the highest level for 13 seasons. The Eagles fan favorite earned eight Pro Bowl nods and was named 1st-team All-Pro seven times.

It’s hard to blame Barkley for at least shooting his shot to get Kelce back on Philadelphia’s offensive line. Having the legendary center back would likely make Barkley’s debut season with the Eagles a whole lot easier

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