JUST NOW: Former teammate Jason Kelce finally signed for another contract after Retirement…

Former teammate Beau Allen Unveils Jason Kelce’s New “Job” Following Retirement.
Beau Allen Reveals Jason Kelce's New 'Job' After Retirement - Parade

It seems that Jason Kelce has already secured a new “job” that at least one of his former teammates is thrilled about, just a few days after he announced his retirement. Beau Allen tweeted a picture of himself and Kelce riding in a car on March 9th, March 9, in preparation for this weekend’s Philly Show, a sports memorabilia expo in Philadelphia. Driving behind 36-year-old Kelce was Allen, a defensive tackle with the Philadelphia Eagles who later played for the Tampa Bay Bucs and the New England Patriots. Allen was seated in the passenger seat.

Though he “needed a ride” to the event, Allen, 32, joked on X that “thankfully this jobless bum could drop me off.” After announcing his official NFL retirement, he used a hashtag to suggest that Kelce was driving him about in an Uber for the day. This has led to a lot of conjecture about Kelce’s future position. It was unclear for weeks following the Eagles’ 2023 NFL season’s mid-January conclusion if the father of three would opt to play another season or retire after 13 years as an Eagles center.
Jason Kelce Jokingly Becomes Beau Allen's 'Uber Driver' After Retirement
After much deliberation, Kelce declared his retirement at a tearful Philadelphia press conference on March 4. To support Kelce, his brother Travis Kelce, parents, and wife were present. In the weeks preceding Kelce’s announcement, a number of sportsmen, including Allen, who left the NFL in July 2022, gave him advise on retiring. In mid-February, Allen, his former teammate, cautioned his brother that life after the NFL takes some getting used to and can be “a little boring.” Kelce and his brother host the podcast New Heights.

Last month, Kelce also voiced concerns about his life beyond football. He told Chris Long, a former teammate, that although thinking about what lay ahead was “exciting,” it was also “daunting” and “nerve-wracking” to confront the unknown. Kelce said to the crowd that he is “looking forward” to concentrating on “something that’s not football” and changing his nutrition in preparation for life beyond the NFL.

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