JUST IN:Peak CFB Villain’ is not Alabama Football Defensive Linebacker Kadyn Proctor, ACCORDING TO

Kadyn Proctor expected to leave Iowa, re-enter transfer portal: What his  likely Alabama return means - The Athletic

Alabama Football Offensive Lineman, Kadyn Proctor is not the ‘Peak CFB Villain’.

People who are dissatisfied with the state of college football today are free to express their views. Pundits and fans alike do. Some college football supporters argue that the sport is as good as it has ever been, even in light of unrestricted transfers and the lack of laws preventing recruiters and players from being purchased.

Put me down as someone who thinks collegiate football is better off without “salary” limitations and free agency. NIL was an excellent idea, but because it cannot be sustained, it has flaws because of the NCAA and college officials. It would be far better to hire the players as employees and provide them a competitive salary.

One can only speculate as to how this current disaster may develop. It ought to be evident that assigning blame to specific players is both unjust and trivial. One could argue that the unfavorable remarks made by others are a necessary part of being a famous sports figure. It can also be claimed that young men and women have a right to manage their professional destiny and career to the greatest extent possible. And no mistake, the players are now professionals, with some of the best programs in collegiate sports.

Kadyn Proctor expected to leave Iowa, re-enter transfer portal: What his  likely Alabama return means - The Athletic

In sports media, it’s usual practice to treat this new category of professionals as fair game. Making characters out to be villains or demons gives stories a certain sparkle. Anything or everybody connected to the Alabama Crimson Tide is ready to be vilified in the world of college football sports media.

Kadyn Proctor, a former and prospective offensive tackle for Alabama, is the most recent example. The Iowa native, a former 5-Star recruit, committed to Iowa during the previous recruiting cycle. Later, Proctor decided to join the Crimson Tide after having second thoughts. Nick Saban retired, and Proctor made the decision to move to Iowa shortly after. Proctor declared a few days ago that he will re-enter the Transfer Portal upon its opening in April and travel back to the Alabama

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