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Defensive tackle Christian Wilkins agrees to a 4-year deal with the Raiders  | Associated Press |

In free agency, will the Raiders make another significant splash?

The Las Vegas Raiders made a major splash during the first week of NFL free agency when they signed Christian Wilkins to a four-year, $110 million contract. But the Raiders’ initial excitement quickly dissipated, as the only other noteworthy move the Silver and Black made was acquiring quarterback Gardner Minshew.

This week’s mailbag questions have a recurring theme regarding what Las Vegas is going to do next, so let’s get started.

Defensive tackle Christian Wilkins agrees to a 4-year deal with the Raiders  | Associated Press |

Are the Raiders currently searching for free agents in the bargain bin? Or do they still contain any cash splash?

In my opinion, the Raiders will soon begin shopping about throughout the free agency period. Despite having roughly $27.5 million in salary space available, several of the big-name or splash players at needy positions have already signed agreements, according to Over The salary. Barring a trade, Wilkins appears to be their only significant free agent acquisition. However, there are still some respectable starting choices available.

What do you think about the Raiders’ handling of free agency? Apart from Wilkins’ significant signing, not much happened. I don’t think we’re trading up, but some others do. Our valuable draft capital would be used if we decided to move up. In order to cover gaps, we would have heavily invested in free agency. Since we didn’t, we won’t be upgrading. Please share your ideas.

A: Like most fans, I was hoping the Raiders would pursue offensive linemen more aggressively, but I’m a little disappointed with how they’ve handled free agency. The guard market has been crazy this summer, so I can’t say I blame them too much.

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