Vikings has finally agree to sign both QB J.J. McCarthy and Drake Maye  for $188. 5millions over Texans and Patriot after…

Vikings Prepared to Take J.J. McCarthy or Drake Maye if Patriots Decline Trade

North Carolina QB Drake Maye Declares for 2024 NFL Draft

The Minnesota Vikings acquiring the No. 23 pick by trade with the Houston Texans positions them to have the best offer to trade up for a blue-chip quarterback in April’s draft — and Pro Football Focus’ Trevor Sikkema predicts that prospect to be either UNC’s Drake Maye or Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy.

Appearing on “The Dan Patrick Show” on March 15, Sikkema entertained the possible moves Minnesota can make in packaging the No. 11 and No. 23 picks to move up in the draft. While the Chicago Bears and Washington Commanders appear concrete in their top two spots in the draft, the New England Patriots are considered a potential trade partner who would give the Vikings’ the best option to choose the No. 3 quarterback in the draft.

Sikkema projected that the Minnesota’s ideal move would be to trade the No. 11 and No. 23 picks and a future first-rounder to land either prospect.

“Now, if Minnesota does trade up into the top three picks, Drake Maye and J.J. McCarthy are the two names I have heard linked with the Vikings. The stand-out trait for both of these quarterbacks (over the likes of Jayden Daniels) is their experience and success throwing over the middle,” Sikkema wrote in a March 15 article.

“With a two-year sample size (2022 and 2023), Maye earned a 93.3 PFF passing grade with 110 attempts, six big-time throws and 14 touchdowns between the numbers from 10-20 yards out. McCarthy earned a 92.0 PFF passing grade after attempting 70 passes to that area of the field with two big-time throws and seven touchdowns.”

If the Patriots stick and pick their own quarterback with the third pick, the Vikings could still land a quarterback they are high on and could avoid sending a future first-rounder to the Arizona Cardinals or Los Angeles Chargers, who hold the No. 4 and No. 5 picks, respectively.

“The Cardinals and Chargers will ask for something similar, but I think Minnesota’s two first-round picks this year could be enough with another pick or two sprinkled in there,” Sikkema wrote. “The Cardinals already have an additional first-round pick this year, so they might ask for a 2025 first-rounder anyway, but the Chargers – given that Harbaugh wants to get his guys in there – could be swayed with the two first-rounders and another top-100 pick.”

Minnesota acquiring the No. 23 pick from the Texans, in exchange for two second-rounders and a sixth-round pick gives the Vikings a much more valuable asset than a future first-rounder that other teams like the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders will not have in trade-up talks.

The Vikings have flexibility in either trading up to No. 3, likely ahead of the draft, and getting their first choice at quarterback — Maye or McCarthy. If that doesn’t pan out, they can watching how the first three picks turn out before they approach the Cardinals and Chargers who are likely not looking at quarterback in the draft and more willing to move back.

“This ultimately was them saying we’re going to sweeten the pot for whoever wants us to trade up to them,” Sikkema said. “You want multiple first round picks. we got you. this is their way of saying and boasitng to these teams that ‘We’re going to be able to give you the best deal.”

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