SHOCKING BRUTAL TRADE: Cowboys pull a surprised blockbuster trade with Steelers….

Fields Traded by Wilson’s Steelers to the Cowboys; Trey Tie for First.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are stockpiling quarterbacks, having traded with the Chicago Bears for passer Justin Fields to add to a group led by the just-signed Russell Wilson. The Steelers are sending a sixth-round pick that could turn into a fourth-round pick, depending on playing time, in exchange for the former first-round quarterback Fields … who entered the league as the No. 11 pick in the NFL Draft … just a few slots behind where Trey Lance was taken.

The 49ers took Lance at No. 3 but a year ago gave up on him, swapping him to the Dallas Cowboys for a fourth-round pick. Lance is now a backup to Dak Prescott  with evaluators now set to judge – based on the trade cost for Fields – whether the price was right on Lance.

This Steelers comes on the heels of young QB Kenny Pickett being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.Like Lance, Fields still has one year left on his rookie deal but the Steelers could pick up his fifth-year option before May 2 and prepare to pay him $22 million in 2025 … as is the case with Lance, though sources tell that Dallas plans to pass on that option


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