Former Eagle star Jason Kelce jokingly on joining   Giants after Saquon Barkley joining the Eagles on…

While it represents a major success for his former team, Saquon Barkley’s move to the Philadelphia Eagles has come a little too late for Jason Kelce‘s liking.

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Barkley has agreed to a blockbuster three-year, $37.75million deal in Philadelphia this offseason after waving goodbye to the Giants after six years in New York.

The two-time Pro Bowl running back, who has 1,201 carries for 5,211 yards and 35 touchdowns in his career, will bolster a formidable offense already containing the likes of Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith.

And despite being excited about what could play out in Philadelphia next season, Kelce has admitted his frustration with Barkley arriving just after he chose to bow out from the NFL.

The legendary former Eagles star, who announced his retirement earlier this month, joked on his New Heights podcast: ‘Social media has been nonstop saying, “Jason are you sure you wanna retire?

‘And I’m like yeah I’m pretty positive, even though [I’m] a little bit upset how he waited till I RETIRED TO MAKE A MOVE LIKE THIS!’

Barkley got drafted by his hometown Giants in 2016 and remained in New York for his first six seasons in the NFL.

His last season in red, white, and blue saw him tally 247 carries for 962 yards and six touchdowns in 14 games.

During his time with the Giants, Barkley and the team made postseason appearances in 2016 and 2022. They fell in the Wild Card and Divisional round in those years, respectively.

Luck did not favor them last season either, as they finished with a 6-11 record in third place in the NFC East. But the Giants did get the upper hand on the Eagles with a 27-10 win in the season finale.

Barkley tallied 18 carries for 46 yards and two touchdowns in the blowout against what would become his new team.

‘We’ve seen first hand his whole career how good he is playing for the New York Giants, and even playing at Penn State,’ Kelce also added. ‘This guy has been unbelievable everywhere he’s been.

‘Huge, huge signing for Philadelphia. And I’m happy for Saquon because, I’m not trying to talk trash, but you’re coming to a team that has had a legitimate offensive line established for a very long time, and you’re coming to a coach that’s been there for a very long time and they’ve had proven success with nearly every running back.

‘So you know Saquon is entering a good situation in Philadelphia.’


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After Jason described Barkley as a ‘difference-maker’ at running back, his brother Travis highlighted the strength in depth the Eagles now have at offense heading into the 2024 season.

And the recently-retired center is gutted to potentially be missing out on a season to remember at Lincoln Financial Field.

‘This is what I’m regretting,’ Jason continued. ‘I knew when I retired that I was going to miss an outstanding season from the Philadelphia Eagles, and it sucks. It really does.

‘I want to be a part of it so bad, I wish I could. But it doesn’t suck in the way that I’m a Philadelphian and I get to watch it and celebrate it just like everyone else.

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