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Josh Donaldson, a third baseman, was placed on the 60-day disabled list by the Yankees on Thursday. What you should know is as follows:

Earlier this week, the former MVP of the American League informed reporters in Los Angeles that he might have sustained a season-ending injury. He indicated he had a Grade 2-plus tear in his right calf, but another doctor said it was a Grade 3, according to a story by Gary Phillips of the New York Daily News.
Donaldson would be qualified to off the injured list in mid-September following Thursday’s move.
After this season, the 37-year-old becomes a free agent.

How it took place
In the seventh inning of the 6-3 victory over the Rockies in Colorado on Saturday, Donaldson failed miserably to bring in a ground ball. He staggered off the field, clearly in discomfort. Donaldson had been suffering from a persistent ache in his muscle. For the last two games prior to the All-Star break and the two games following it, the Yankees kept him as their designated hitter. Donaldson was placed on the disabled list from April 8 to June 1 due to a right hamstring strain.

What that implies for Donaldson
The injury might be Donaldson’s final professional setback. He stated to The Athletic in June that he was unsure if he would play in 2023. If he quits, it would be difficult to hold him accountable. Baseball Reference states that he has received MLB salaries totaling more than $164 million. In any case, Donaldson will no longer be subject to jeers from the Yankee Stadium faithful, who now see him as just another one of the front office’s misfits.

Donaldson won’t come close to winning, but he had a remarkable career that will probably see him listed on a Hall of Fame vote. With the Blue Jays, Donaldson was the AL MVP in 2015. He led the league in runs (122), RBIs (123), and total bases (352 ) in addition to hitting.297 with 41 home runs. Despite never taking home a Gold Glove, he is a three-time All-Star and has long been regarded as one of the greatest defensive third basemen in history. — Kuty

Significance for the Yankees

Without a doubt, one of the biggest mistakes made by Yankees general manager Brian Cashman during his tenure was trading for Donaldson. It was an utter failure in a lot of ways. First of all, paying him $50 million in salary took up a significant portion of payroll, which prevented the Yankees from making other decisions. Second, the Twins were able to sign shortstop Carlos Correa because they were able to free up payroll. Thirdly, the Yankees are saddled with two older, underperforming veterans and are limited in their options due to the salaries of DJ LeMahieu and Donaldson. The Yankees made a huge mistake with this.

However, the Yankees gain something beneficial overall from Donaldson’s departure because they were able to cut loose a player who was not contributing and probably wouldn’t have ever been a regular starter because of unpaid debt. It also makes playing Oswald Peraza much simpler. The Yankees will need to assess what he can offer at the major league level and whether they should be enthused about him going forward. — Kirschner

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