Finally Browns signed Justin Field from chicago to be….

Cleveland Browns News 3/5: Echoes of 1995, Mike Evans is Gonzo, and Rumors about Justin Fields

You can rely on very little in this world. It is what it is. But there’s always the OBR Daily Newswire, which at the very least blathers on about speculations concerning Justin Fields and other such items, in this crazy world of uncertainty. Ah, dependability.
Greetings, Cleveland Browns supporters!

Here in Cleveland, strangely, we’ve had some extremely pleasant Spring-like weather. This unexpected shift in the weather has compelled me to switch from my winter attire of hoodies to summer Hawaiian shirts, much like swallows returning to Capistrano. My wardrobe selections are very limited to two options: a hoodie or something that looks like a Hawaiian shirt. There’s no middle ground.

I have no idea why this is. A large, over-60-year-old man wearing a Hawaiian shirt certainly exudes strength and energy for some reason: a true titan with the ability to shape public opinion and seduce women. Either way, being able to switch to my favorite Spring/Summer mode has made me feel so good that even scrolling through Google News feeds full of clickbait, artificial intelligence drivel, and other similar things won’t make me depressed.
Cleveland Browns 2024 Cheat Sheet for Free Agency (OBR)
Usually, I use this area to draw attention to content that is not part of the OBR. Assuming you are already here, you probably already know about all the other stuff that has been added to the website. However, I look forward to Jack’s Free Agency Cheat Sheet this time of year because I use it as a kind of free agency starting point. It functions as a filter, sifting through the cacophony of free agency rumors to determine which ones are plausible and grounded.

5. 1995’s Jason Kelce Shouts Out

My life was affected by what transpired in late 1995. As the anniversary approaches thirty years, I wonder how many people can still recall it. People who were only aware of the Browns during the expansion era are browsing our site and even working for it; they weren’t even alive when it happened. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who experienced the same thing and that it still has an effect on me occasionally.

As you are probably aware from the extensive media coverage, legendary Philadelphia Eagle center Jason Kelce, a native of Cleveland, announced his retirement yesterday. His announcement of the decision included a mention of the 1995 events.

“Growing up in Cleveland, I watched all my favorite athletes leave the city,” Kelce stated, as reported by Browns Digest. Heck, the entire crew fled the city. I’ve always wanted to play my entire career in one place, and even if I had tried, I couldn’t have found a finer one or a greater fit.”

I suppose that some good came out of it. This website was acquired by Cleveland. Kelce spent his whole career with Philadelphia. Baltimore, well, they had their soul taken surgically and won two Super Bowls.

4. Corey Coleman Gives an Autobiography
History of the Browns: WR Corey Coleman discusses mental health, the Hard Knocks scene, and a lot more (Dawgs by Nature)

For the most part, most people just remember Corey Coleman as another draft bust during the Browns’ era of expansion sucking. After his football career ended, he has surfaced once more, eager to share his experience with Browns websites. He accepted his offer, and Dawgs By Nature produced this career retrospective and an interview with the wide receiver. The real tale is more complicated than just a wide receiver who wasn’t as outstanding as the Browns believed he was, as one might anticipate.
3. CLICKBAITERS ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS: Three well-known defensive linemen who could catch the Browns’ attention should they become available as free agents (, paywalled)
You’ll find Mary Kay Cabot making conjectures about three potential defensive players who “might pique the interest” of the Browns if you read this. This is all conjecture; there is no real source of interest. That doesn’t make the piece any worse; it’s just another that speculates on different routes that players could take to get to the Browns based on need and availability. The distinction is that, because to Cabot’s track record of genuinely breaking news, this page will present you with approximately 100 clickbait pieces titled “Browns linked to Chase Young” to entice you to click as though the Browns are trying to get these athletes. It’s not. They’re not. Still.

Buccaneers announce the extension of Mike Evans (PFT)

According to NFL trade rumors, at least eight teams, including the Chiefs, Rams, and Giants, were expected to pursue Mike Evans.
The only real buddy you have in all the local media is me. Of course, a lot of people wish for you to believe that you are buddies. We’re just regular people, radio presenters and vintage newspaper reporters who pretend to be willing to pick you up from the airport if you need one. However, who would truly be present? That would be me.

I am the one who gives you the harsh realities, after all. It is my responsibility to inform you that Mike Evans will not be visiting Cleveland.

Of course, everyone else in the media is there when the celebration is going strong and the beer is flowing, but who is there when things become tough? (Hands up to an obese man wearing a tacky Hawaiian shirt who is eating Cheerios by the handful and pounding coffee). That would be this guy. Although it’s not the life you had in mind, it is the one you have.

Ten Takeaways From The Ringer’s 2024 NFL Combine

Thus, yesterday’s Browns euphoria was a little bit Justin Fields thanks to a Ben Solak article in The Ringer that hyped the prospect. If you don’t mind scrolling, you may read the section that discusses it by clicking the link I provided above.

The idea that the Browns would pass on Watson and instead select Fields with their second-round pick stems from the belief that, in Solak’s words, “I don’t think the Browns have a good quarterback on the roster” (watch all of Deshaun Watson’s film since he returned from suspension).

This is the point where the real world diverges. Watson doesn’t state this in any of his films. He had a 5-1 record as a starter the previous season and had some excellent footage versus the Ravens and the Titans in the second half. The Browns’ true stance on this matter is unknown, but based on what they have said in public, it appears that they are still fully behind Watson and are not aligned with Solak.

The idea of using Fields as a backup if his trade value keeps declining intrigues me, but Solak’s case is weak, and I have a suspicion that other teams would be more eager and prepared to pay more for Fields than the Browns. Kind of hoping that I’m incorrect—I love Fields, but you also have to account for the typical Ohio State prejudice.

I hope you had a wonderful one! GO BLUE!
Kareem Hunt may not be with the Browns in 2019 after playing with them the previous season. Nevertheless, he remains active in the community and spoke with Elyria athletes last Friday night, particularly those from the Elyria South Baseball Club. Hunt has been a member of the baseball team since 2021, as stated in this Lorain Morning Journal article.

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