WestBrom Owner  Shilen Patel shortlist Four Good coach to replace Carlos Corberán and lead the team to success  including Former Coach…

West Bromwich Albion, commonly known as West Brom, is navigating through a crucial phase as they seek to replace their current head coach, Carlos Corberán. The decision is spearheaded by the club’s owner, Shilen Patel, who is meticulously evaluating potential candidates to lead the team to success. Among the shortlisted names are former West Brom coach Slaven Bilić, renowned for his previous tenure at the club, alongside three other promising contenders.

### 1. Slaven Bilić

Slaven Bilić is a familiar face to West Brom fans, having managed the club from 2019 to 2020. During his tenure, he led the team to promotion to the Premier League, which was a significant achievement. Bilić’s managerial style is characterized by his motivational skills, tactical flexibility, and the ability to get the best out of his players. His experience in handling the pressures of both the Championship and the Premier League makes him a strong candidate. Bilić’s understanding of the club’s culture and his rapport with the supporters could provide a seamless transition and immediate stability.

### 2. Chris Wilder

Chris Wilder is another strong candidate on Shilen Patel’s shortlist. Wilder gained acclaim for his work at Sheffield United, where he implemented an innovative overlapping center-back system that earned widespread praise. Under his guidance, Sheffield United achieved promotion to the Premier League and enjoyed a successful first season back in the top flight. Wilder’s tactical acumen, emphasis on team cohesion, and proven track record in the Championship make him an attractive option for West Brom. His ability to develop players and work within a budget aligns well with the club’s aspirations.

### 3. Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard, the Chelsea legend and former head coach, is also in contention. Lampard’s managerial career began at Derby County, where he led the team to the Championship play-off final. His subsequent tenure at Chelsea saw him promote several academy players to the first team, showcasing his commitment to youth development. Lampard’s knowledge of the game, leadership qualities, and experience at both Championship and Premier League levels could bring a fresh perspective to West Brom. His high-profile status and network within the football community might also attract quality players to the club.

### 4. Valérien Ismaël

Valérien Ismaël, the French coach known for his successful stint at Barnsley, is another intriguing option. Ismaël transformed Barnsley into a formidable side in the Championship, employing a high-pressing, high-intensity style of play. His ability to instill discipline and resilience in his teams resulted in Barnsley’s unexpected push for promotion playoffs. Ismaël’s philosophy aligns with modern football trends, and his track record of maximizing limited resources could prove beneficial for West Brom. His experience in the Championship and familiarity with the league’s demands make him a viable candidate.

### Conclusion

Shilen Patel’s decision to replace Carlos Corberán is pivotal for West Brom’s future. Each candidate brings unique strengths: Slaven Bilić offers continuity and proven success; Chris Wilder brings tactical innovation and Championship expertise; Frank Lampard provides leadership and a fresh approach; Valérien Ismaël offers a modern, high-energy philosophy. Patel’s choice will hinge on aligning these strengths with the club’s long-term vision, aiming to secure a stable and successful future for West Bromwich Albion. The right appointment could rejuvenate the club, ensuring competitiveness and aspirations for promotion are realized.

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