Report: Giants HC Brian Daboll  holds talks with massive NFL QB  after shock Exist….


New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll recently held discussions with a prominent NFL quarterback following a surprising exit from their team, fueling speculation about potential changes in the Giants’ quarterback situation. This development comes as Daboll, who has a history of developing quarterbacks, notably during his tenure with Josh Allen at the Buffalo Bills, looks to address the Giants’ quarterback struggles.

The talks come at a critical time for the Giants, who have had a tumultuous season marked by inconsistency at the quarterback position. The team started three different quarterbacks, including undrafted rookie Tommy DeVito, who managed to spark a brief resurgence before being benched【8†source】. With the Giants finishing with a disappointing 6-11 record, Daboll’s focus has been on improving offensive stability and performance【6†source】.

Daboll, known for his offensive acumen, is reportedly considering a shift to a play-calling role, potentially taking over duties from offensive coordinator Mike Kafka. This move could provide a more hands-on approach to quarterback development and overall offensive strategy【9†source】. The Giants’ current quarterback, Daniel Jones, has shown flashes of potential but has struggled with turnovers and consistency throughout his career. Daboll’s history with developing quarterbacks could be pivotal in Jones’ potential turnaround【7†source】.

The discussions with the unnamed massive quarterback suggest that the Giants are exploring all options to enhance their quarterback play. This move aligns with Daboll’s strategy of continually evolving the offense to better fit the team’s strengths and address weaknesses. Given the Giants’ ownership’s confidence in Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen, there is a strong organizational support for any necessary changes to improve the team’s performance【6†source】【7†source】.

In summary, Brian Daboll’s recent talks with a significant NFL quarterback highlight the Giants’ proactive approach to addressing their quarterback issues. With potential changes in coaching responsibilities and ongoing efforts to improve offensive performance, the Giants are aiming to turn around their fortunes in the upcoming season.

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