Kieran McKenna Explaine when Chelsea loanee Omari Hutchinson  will be confirm as…


Ipswich Town boss Kieran McKenna is delighted with the progress of Chelsea loanee Omari Hutchinson.

The winger has been superb for promoted Ipswich as they chase instant promotion this season to the Premier League.

McKenna said, “It’s been great for us to see that journey and to try and help that journey along the way, and I know that he’s very appreciative of all the help that he’s had from everyone here.

“He’s having a very strong season, especially for someone in their first season of men’s football. He’s come on in great strides in many different areas, but he’s also very grounded and very humble.

“He knows he’s only at the very start of his career and he’s got aspirations and he wants to continue to improve much further from where he is now. I’m sure if he shows the same attitude and mindset that he has done up to this point he’ll continue to do so.”

“The challenge for him, like all our players, was to push on and show they could compete in the Championship. He’s had a really strong season and is a big part of how we play. The consistency of his output is really high from a physical and technical perspective.

“But he’s still got a lot of growing and developing to do.”

It is hard to pick out individual names from this Ipswich side as so many are playing superbly, but one player who has stood out in particular is Omari Hutchinson.

Used sparingly and mostly off the bench in the first half of the season, the 20-year-old on loan from Chelsea has been heavily involved in the latter part of the campaign. The future is bright for the winger.

“He’s given everything you’d want from a loan player and more,” says McKenna. “He’s young and has high potential, but he hadn’t played any senior football before this season.

“I really liked his mentality, and we were on the same page as him, his family and his representation about what he needed, not just in terms of minutes but also development.

“He’s come into the club with the right application and picked things up really quickly about what it takes to succeed. That has endeared him to the senior players right away, and he’s built that as the season has gone on.

“He’s hitting a good level but he’s still really young. It’s not going to be a linear journey from here, but he’s got really high potential and a really good mentality towards achieving that potential.”

Whether it is Davis, Hutchinson or anyone else, players who arrive at Ipswich Town nowadays tend to thrive.

That is largely down to what McKenna and his staff have built at a club that had spent two decades drifting before his arrival in 2021.

“It’s not just me, a lot of hard work has gone into creating a positive atmosphere from a lot of people, to help develop the culture and the learning environment at the club,” McKenna says.

His experiences at Tottenham and Manchester United in the past should also prove invaluable going forward, with the club set to revamp their facilities following new investment announced last month.

“I’ve always had a say in developments to the training ground and I’ve been consulted on some stuff at the stadium, too.

“I always want to lend any experience and insight I have that I can. I was at Tottenham when we moved from Chigwell to Enfield, which is one of the best training facilities in the world. Then I was at Manchester United when the work was done at Carrington.

“I’ll always manage the club as if I’m going to be here forever. Hopefully we can build something that will stand the test of time, and try and set it up to be a great place for many, many years to help the club have a successful future.”

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