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During their top-30 or “local” visits last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers hosted all four of their top-100 selections in the 2023 NFL Draft. OT Broderick Jones, TE Darnell Washington, NT Keeanu Benton, and CB Joey Porter Jr. were among them. The 20th overall pick of offensive tackle Troy Fautanu in the 2024 NFL Draft on Thursday night continued the practice of selecting players in the top 30.

As we approach the second day of the draft, three more picks—including No.—let’s examine which players from the Steelers’ 2024 top 30 and local visits are still available. Linebackers: NC State’s Payton Wilson and Michigan’s Junior Colson

Interior offensive line: Steven Jones (OT/OG, Oregon), Hunter Nourzad (Penn State), Mason McCormick (South Dakota State), Zach Frazier (WVU), and Jackson Powers-Johnson (Oregon)Wide receivers: Malachi Corley (Western Kentucky), Tahj Washington (USC), Luke McCaffrey (Rice), Adonai Mitchell (Texas), and Ladd McConkey (Georgia).


Andru Phillips (Kentucky), Cooper DeJean (Iowa), Beanie Bishop (WVU), Max Melton (Rutgers), Daequan Hardy (Penn State), and M.J. Devonshire (Pitt) are the cornerbacks.

On the defensive line are: Khristian Boyd (Northern Iowa), Maason Smith (LSU), Logan Lee (Iowa), Jaden Crumedy (Mississippi State), and Braden Fiske (FSU).

Here is the #1 pick on the 2024 NFL Draft consensus big board among those made accessible by the Steelers during their top 30/local visits (via Marcus Mosher)

  1. CB Cooper DeJean (Iowa) — Consensus big board ranking No. 19
  2. DT Jer’zhan Newton (Illinois) — No. 24
  3. WR Adonai Mitchell (Texas) — No. 27
  4. WR Ladd McConkey (Georgia) — No. 30
  5. IOL Jackson Powers-Johnson (Oregon) — No. 31
  6. IOL Zach Frazier (WVU) — No. 39
  7. LB Junior Colson (Michigan) — No. 45
  8. DT Braden Fiske (FSU) — No. 53
  9. LB Payton Wilson (NC State) — No. 53
  10. WR Malachi Corley (Western Kentucky) — No. 59

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