Breaking News: Just Now, Kansas defensive lineman mother dead at 27 after cancer battle: ‘A great teammate’…

Breaking News: Just Now, Kansas defensive lineman mother dead at 27 after cancer battle: ‘A great teammate’…

Jawaan Taylor, a tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs, seems oddly compelled to refute claims that his mother passed away during the lead-up to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.
It is still anticipated that the 26-year-old, five-year veteran will play in the Super Bowl. Sunday
Taylor joined the Chiefs from Jacksonville and has started every game this season.
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Strangely, Jawaan Taylor, an offensive tackle for the Chiefs, has been compelled to refute reports that his mother passed away in the days leading up to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

In order to dispel recent rumors, the 26-year-old second-round selection and his mother Wendy took to social media on Wednesday.

“Hello everyone,” Wendy greeted viewers of the video she had uploaded on X, filming herself from inside her

vehicle. I just wanted to quickly jump on this to let everyone know that I’m okay, that I’m alive, and that I’m safe.
After word somehow got out on social media that Wendy had passed away four days prior, the Taylors felt obliged to provide an online update on her. However, Taylor’s father’s mother, Mary, the NFL player’s grandma, had passed away.

“To set the record straight,” Taylor tweeted. Not my mother, but rather my grandmother died away four days ago. Mary Taylor, long live.

Chiefs overtime Jawaan Taylor was compelled to clarify that, four days prior, his grandmother had passed away rather than his mother, Wendy. Wendy also updated her X status regarding her health.

Taylor joined the Chiefs in the offseason from Jacksonville, and he has started every game this season.

Taylor, who was selected with the 35th overall pick in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, has made his Chiefs debut at right tackle this season, his first after being acquired from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Taylor has started every game at right tackle this season.

On Wednesday, the athlete also used the occasion to pay tribute to his late father, Robert, who passed away two years ago.

“We were so close because he was so into football,” he said.

When the Chiefs meet the 49ers in Las Vegas on Sunday in the Super Bowl, neither the Chiefs nor Taylor himself have made any signals that he won’t participate.

The five-year veteran, who began his career with Jacksonville, inked a four-year, $80 million contract with Kansas City during the offseason.

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