OFFICIAL NEWS: National League Central make a great announcement against Brewers due to…

The National League Central’s most impressive team is the Milwaukee Brewers.

Despite winning three National League Central division titles and qualifying for the postseason five of the previous six seasons, many media sources did not consider the 2024 Milwaukee Brewers to be the division favorites or even playoff candidates. They improved a number of their roster spots once more, but they traded away their star player, Corbin Burnes, this off-season. Because of this, they now depend a lot on the contributions of young players, but they also have a solid mix of experienced.

Almost one month into the regular season the Brewers currently find themselves on top of the National League Central division with a 13-6 record.  They have been the best road team in baseball so far and their lone series loss came against the San Diego Padres.  Their good start has caught the eyes of a few Fox Sports MLB analysts who have tagged them as the most impressive team in the division.

During a television segment MLB analysts at Fox Sports MLB were discussing the National League Central division.  They came to an agreement that the Milwaukee Brewers have been the most impressive team so far.  Their ability to win on the road, record against teams above .500, and their scrappy play were a few big talking points.

First year Brewers manager Pat Murphy has his squad playing with an edge that was not seen during the Craig Counsell era.  Noticeably Milwaukee is playing scrappy baseball both on and off the field.  Players showing emotion and getting heated has been prevalent early on.  Additionally the Brewers have been bunting, executing hit and runs, stealing bases, taking the extra base, and overall making a lot of winning baseball plays.

Great as it is that the Brewers are getting recognition for a good start it was mentioned during this Fox Sports MLB segment that whichever teams stays healthy will have a good shot at winning the division.  All teams seemingly started the year short handed in some regard, but the big difference for Milwaukee is that they are winning despite this.

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