Official announcement: I am worth to be trade 49ers star Brandon Aiyuk insisted to leave due to…

The San Francisco 49ers are absolutely stacked on offense, and they still haven’t been able to put an end to their Super Bowl drought.

It seems like they have finally found their quarterback for the future, and the organization looks very happy to have Brock Purdy out there.

Others, however, don’t seem to be as high on the former Mr. Irrelevant, not even after his impressive performances in the playoffs and a trip to the last game of the season.

With that in mind, former NFL star James Jones is worried that he could regress if Brandon Aiyuk ends up leaving.

In his most recent appearance on FOX’s Speak, Jones went out of his way to praise Aiyuk, comparing him to Davante Adams in the sense that both are elite at running routes and creating separation.

He believes Aiyuk, not Deebo Samuel, is the best wide receiver in the Niners’ roster, adding that both run the same routes but Aiyuk does it better.

Jones added that Aiyuk is the kind of player who makes a quarterback’s job much easier.

Aiyuk is reportedly unhappy with his role in the offense.

He’s coming off an All-Pro season and looking to get a contract extension, but the Niners are in a tough spot financially with all the upcoming free agents and Brock Purdy’s next deal.

Ironically, the same guy who’s going to get paid regardless of whether he stays or leaves could be the one to suffer the most if he ends up leaving.

Jones stated that it doesn’t matter if a player starts following or unfollowing a team or a player on social media or removes the team from their social media profile; it’s simply meaningless.

He has a valid point.

We’ve seen that tactic over and over in the past couple of years, and more often than not, the player winds up staying with the organization.

The players try to use their social media profiles for leverage but in most cases, the team has the final say on their future.

This is the case with Aiyuk.

He might not want to sign a contract extension but at the end of the day, it’ll be up to the Niners to trade him or not.

And, for the time being, it doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere.

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