Finally 49ers name $70 Million rivals veteran star as replacement of Brock Purdy with…

Could Brock Purdy be on the clock?

Of all the big losses in San Francisco 49ers head coach, Kyle Shanahan’s coaching career, this one may well have been the most gut-wrenching.

In his second Super Bowl appearance as head coach, having supposedly finally found his quarterback, former 7th round pick; “Mr. Irrelevant”; Brock Purdy, the former AP Assistant Coach of the Year had an opportunity to get revenge on the exact team who defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl 4 years prior, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite once again being favorites in the lead up to the match, and going into half-time up 10-3, the Niners were unable to put away the Chiefs; failing to take advantage of J’Ayir Brown’s early 3rd quarter interception and having Ray Ray McCloud “muff” a Tommy Townsend punt, that had unfortunately bounced off the foot of 49ers special teamer, Darrell Luter Jr.

Despite receiving public backing from Shanahan, and a very impressive career winning record so far, going 21-6 over the past two seasons; and, not to mention, being the NFL’s passer rating leader this past season; it does feel like questions can be asked as to whether Brock Purdy is simply a strong ‘game managing’ quarterback who executes reads well in Shanahan’s excellently schemed offense, filled with blue chip offensive playmakers.

Moreover, Purdy has struggled when under pressure over the course of his short career to-date, and his smaller frame and below-desired height, 6’1″, can lean itself towards having a higher proportion of his passes batted down in critical situations, which ultimately may have cost them victory in Super Bowl LVIII.

According Sports Illustrated’s Connor Orr, the 49ers could cast aside Purdy for a more expensive, albeit more experienced, veteran quarterback who is already familiar with Kyle Shanahan’s system, from their time together in Washington.

The question remains is: would Kirk Cousins be a true upgrade on Brock Purdy, and his he worth the $45-50 million price tag that he would likely come with after stellar play over the past two seasons, despite coming off a season-ending Achilles tear.

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