OFFICIAL NEWS: Browns $88 million pull a move to sign former Atlanta falcon blockbuster one year contract…

Cleveland Browns News 4/11: Steelers upset, faux Garrett controversy, and resisting temptation

Two weeks till the Draft, let’s rejoice by ignoring Johnny Manziel and creating fake controversy. And perhaps touch on some prospects. Everything is contained in a different version of theGreetings, Cleveland Browns supporters!

The OBR Daily Newswire is pleased to share a development today. There was an article about Johnny Manziel, who appeared on “Undisputed” and said a variety of things, prolonging his already excessive fifteen minutes well over the limit. I choose to completely ignore it after coming across it during one of my numerous scans of the Newswire yesterday.A daily newswire from OBR.

This wasn’t anything I kept “just in case it was a slow news day.” I didn’t jump on it to say something snide. I decided to leave it alone. Yes, I eventually refused to let my finger quiver over the touchpad to indicate the story.

I firmly believe that I’m making great strides toward healing from my post-Manziel trauma and moving past the entire 2014 draft situation. I might even treat myself to a Sausage McGriddle and a coffee from McDonald’s to commemorate this progress in my recuperation. It’s been, I think, thirty-five days since the Newswire published a Johnny Manziel story.

LINKS OF MODERATE INTEREST: I believe Newswire readers have been anticipating this day for a long time, and I hope we can all celebrate this milestone together with some non-drunk-guy-on-a-swan activities.

Mel Kiper’s mock draft looks to be just another example of the kind of thing that makes me laugh when folks hide mock drafts behind paywalls. Hopefully, Bristol won’t take it personally against me for disclosing that he selected Florida State’s Braden Fiske, a defensive tackle, with pick #54. This will give the Browns a pass-rushing threat in the middle of the line heading into 2024 and put some pressure on Siaka Ika to perform well. Although Kiper believes that the Browns’ top need is DT, I don’t think the team will choose DT in 2024.

On the other hand, Dane Brugler’s “The Beast” draft guide, which was released yesterday, provided some justification for the cost of an Athletic subscription. If you’re a subscriber there, Zac Jackson tries to explain what that means in relation to the Browns.

Coincidentally, Dennis Kucinich, an independent candidate for Congress, was in the media yesterday promoting his “Art Modell Law” from 1996, which keeps the city of Cleveland from having to fight Brook Park for the Browns.

Kucinich told reporters, “Of course, the Haslams are fully aware of how powerful this law is.” “I don’t think there’s any place else in America that has this protection for the taxpayers and the sports fans.”

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