He Is  Back: Vikings are pleased to announce his arival after..

It appears that former NFL running back Adrian Peterson is still interested in playing in the league where he dominated for years.

The 2012 MVP winner has been absent from the league since 2021 when he was a member of the Seattle Seahawks. He played just one game where he had 16 rushing yards on 11 carries.

But having not been sighted since, one could have easily thought that Peterson’s time in the NFL after 17 years could be over. Well, think again as Adrian has revealed he still has the desire to play.

“I had to let my body recover,” Peterson said via CBS Sports. “I had some injuries and stuff. My last injury was with Seattle—I had a pinched nerve, and I didn’t wanna go under the knife. It took about a year for that to finally heal, but I’m always open to go out there and play again. We’ll see what happens.”

So it appears that Peterson, who was once considered the best running back in the NFL, still wants to suit up and continue his football career.

Whether there is a market for a 38-year-old running back who hasn’t played since 2021 is unknown, but one would imagine that having a player of Peterson’s caliber inside the locker room could prove beneficial.

Being a four-time All-Pro, a seven-time Pro Bowler, and an MVP winner certainly would give teams food for thought, but the time he has been out of the game might be a stumbling block.

Either way, Peterson appears set to try to make a return to the NFL. Whether or not it happens is another thing entirely, but the door for a return is well and truly open.

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