DONE DEAL: Steelers $67 million move on signing Chicago Bears player is finally successful with two years contract

Best Offseason Trade Selected for the Steelers
Getting a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers is thought to be one of the best moves made this spring.
Pittsburgh As the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to dominate the NFL offseason by all measures, their acquisition of former Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields is still being discussed. This move is thought to be their best one to yet in terms of acquiring a backup quarterback.

On ESPN’s Get Up, veteran NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum discussed the Steelers’ acquisition of the former first-round quarterback and expressed his admiration for general manager Omar Khan’s maneuvers.

“I really believe that trading Justin Fields for a conditional selection was the best NFL offseason move to date. At the age of 25, he has thrown 40 touchdowns. All these teams are going to take a crapshoot on quarterbacks in a month, according to Tannenbaum. “Look, this person has certain shortcomings. He needs to tidy his sacks. I recognize that.However, his character is strong. He had nothing at all to work with. And in my opinion, hiring Mike Tomlin and their defense is the best move in the NFL. I anticipate that he will stay there for a very long time and start at quarterback for them this season, defeating Russell Wilson.”

Fields is currently thought of as Russell Wilson’s backup. Though many analysts think that might alter come training camp, the 25-year-old will continue to develop in Pittsburgh for the time being.

Since the Chicago Bears selected him in the first round four years ago, Fields is 10-28. After Fields develops, there’s a feeling the Steelers will give him a chance to be their long-term quarterback, even if he learns behind Wilson in his rookie campaign.

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