Trade Bustal : raiders re-signed top key player who is better than WR Davante Adams and he promise the fans to do more than they expect

Matt Timoko rejoins the Raiders as a signee

The Canberra Raiders are thrilled to announce that Matt Timoko, a New Zealand international, has re-signed with the team to a new contract.

Timoko, 24, has committed to a new contract that will go through the conclusion of the 2026 season with a two-season option.

With 20 tries in 64 games to date, the club’s 2021 Rookie of the Year has made a swift ascent into the NRL. He will cap off an incredible season in 2023 by being selected for New Zealand in their three post-season international matches.

Timoko claimed that he had no trouble deciding to stay with the Raiders since he wanted to be a part of the club’s future plans and assist mentor the team’s younger players.

This group has accomplished a lot. Timoko stated, “I’m happy to be on board, be along with the journey and help some of the younger guys coming through too. The big thing I can see with this club is that there is a clear pathway of where they want to get to and there’s a lot of emerging talent. I really believe that this club can do a lot of special things over the next few years.”

It’s encouraging to see some of the younger boys step up to the plate and contribute significantly to these first few games, not just by playing their duties but also by going above and beyond.

“Although it’s early, I have a strong feeling that this club will be unique this year. not just this year but also the upcoming ones. Being a part of the adventure and assisting those boys in their guidance is amazing.

Timoko stated that he wants to keep improving as a player and that his time spent playing representative football has given him a greater understanding of his potential.

“[This year, I want to] just keep getting better. I believe that this year and in the preseason, I’ve worked a lot on my defense, so that’s something I want to change up a bit this year. Keep finding tiny things in my game to work on,” he said.

“I think that’s really helped my game, just picking up little things along the way, especially with the Maori All Stars and the NZ Kiwis, I was picking up little things to take back to the way I train and play at club level.”

Timoko’s decision to stay in green was welcomed by the Raiders NRL recruiting manager Joel Carbone, who also stated that he will remain a key component of the team’s future ambitions.

Matt is a fantastic example of a young player who came to us seeking a chance and has grown into a fantastic NRL player as well as an international player, according to Carbone. “We think Matt will only get better and play a major role in any future success we have, so we’re really excited to see where he can take his game over the next few years.”


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