San Francisco confirm another signing of WR $75.6 Million against  Brandon Aiyuk for 2024 draft…

49ers Expected to Sign WR in 2024 to Face Off Against Brandon Aiyuk.

With wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk demanding a raise and an extension, the San Francisco 49ers are dealing with a sticky situation. After his previous two seasons, Aiyuk most definitely deserves it, but it’s still unclear if the 49ers would actually give him the money.

Even though a circumstance like this can be challenging, writer Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report believes San Francisco should step up its game. There are a ton of good pass-catchers in this year’s draft class, so according to Gagnon, selecting a wide receiver early could guarantee that Aiyuk plays for the 49ers for the long run.

On April 6, Gagnon wrote, “Aiyuk seems frustrated by the impasse in negotiations, but the team appears intent on keeping him around.” The Niners may believe that they don’t need to commit to Aiyuk past next season at this point because rosters are mostly set across the league. There are a ton of fascinating receivers in this draft. The Niners ought to take one early and watch Aiyuk’s and his performance in 2024.
George Kittle and Deebo Samuel are already Aiyuk’s top receiving partners in San Francisco. Not to add, in 2023, running back Christian McCaffrey recorded the second-highest receiving yards of any running back (564).

While having too many weapons for Brock Purdy is a positive thing, it might be a waste of money to sign another wide receiver.

In the SF Offense, Where Does a New WR Fit in?

First of all, it’s difficult to see where the 49ers offense would provide opportunities for a new wide receiver. Even though he takes pride in getting people open and spreading the ball, Kyle Shanahan might find it difficult to squeeze in another wide receiver.
Aiyuk led the 49ers in receiving yards for the second straight year. With the most yards per reception of any eligible receiver (17.9), he has established himself as the reliable downfield option.

Combined, Samuel and McCaffrey have 1456 receiving yards, which puts them at the top of the short-yardage passing game. Kittle, who is coming off of his greatest season in years, finally takes control of the intermediate sections.

There are five obvious choices when Jauan Jennings, the third wide receiver currently on the roster, is taken into account. Even a gifted first-round pick would likely struggle to earn opportunities as a No. 6 option if they were a new wide receiver.Brandon Aiyuk Says He's Ready to 'Take Off' in 2023

49ers Need to Determine Their TE Future
As San Francisco works out their wide receiver group, Kittle’s playing days are almost to an end. Even though he is still a top tight end, he is 30 years old and not going to be around for very long.

For this reason, Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports is pleading with the team to think about his replacement. Maiocco outlined his reasoning on 49ers Talk on April 5.

According to Maiocco, “they had to start making some plans, maybe for life after George Kittle.” “I realize that seems strange to say, but he seems to be so young and only recently made his NFL debut. Yet he’s thirty years old.

In 2023, Kittle was selected to his fourth Pro Bowl and his second All-Pro first team, and he set a career high with an average of 15.7 yards per reception in a single season.

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