New York Giants; new sign RB “Turbo” in terms agreement with Giants for one year contract; as made by… 

After signing, New Giants RB “Turbo” Miller corrects a NYG reporter.
New York Giants met with South Carolina CB Cam Smith

On April 5, the New York Giants signed 5-foot-9 running back Dante Miller, also known as “Turbo Miller” on X, in an intriguing move.
Miller, as his nickname implies, is incredibly quick; during the South Carolina pro day in March, he completed a 40-yard dash in 4.27 seconds. Art Stapleton of said that the Giants “took notice” of this 40 time after his signing was revealed. However, he misquoted it as 4.35 seconds until the young player corrected him.

Miller said, “4.27,” and it has now been verified that this revised time was accurate.
Needless to say, Stapleton had no harsh feelings. He responded, “I stand corrected,” and included the dust cloud emoji, which is commonly used to indicate speed.

For the record, Isaac Guerendo of Louisville ran the quickest RB 40 time (4.33 seconds) at the 2024 NFL combine.
RB Dante Miller of the New Giants was unable to play football in 2023 because of an eligibility error.
Since “an honest mistake and an inflexible bureaucracy” robbed him of that opportunity, Miller has been sidelined for the past year, according to On 3 reporter Andy Staples, who published a piece on the ball carrier the day he joined.

Miller was taken off the field in 2022 and wasn’t allowed to return until South Carolina’s pro day last month, according to Staples, who blamed the NCAA’s draconian interpretation of justice and an error in computation by the compliance department of South Carolina.
“Miller worked in obscurity for the majority of that time so that NFL teams would take notice when he did get his moment—all 4.27 seconds of it.” the statement continues.

Staples expanded on the circumstances later in the piece.

“Miller had to make a decision after earning a sociology degree from Columbia,” the reporter wrote. “Ivy League players have four years to play four years. It is not a redshirt. Thus, even though the epidemic had forced the cancellation of Miller and his classmates’ junior season, Miller changed his mind about whether to try his hand at a professional career straight out of college or to give up football entirely.Giants agree to terms with RB Dante Miller

Staples continued, “He picked option No. 3, and he transferred to South Carolina.” “The 5-foot-9, 200-pound player would get to test his skills against SEC players there, and he might be able to produce some game tape that would help him in the draft.”

The journalist claims that Miller was not “communicated” with the Gamecocks for two years of eligibility until he participated in six 2022 games as a member of an overcrowded backfield.
It was then when a “mistake” was discovered. It was already too late for Miller to redshirt the first season if he wanted to play two seasons at South Carolina, according to Staples.

Eligible Staples does a fantastic job of chronicling Dante Miller’s journey from start to finish, including the Ivy League rushing back’s battle with the foster care system to earn a degree from Columbia University. Dante Miller would have dominated the NFL Combine and maybe been drafted.

You get the impression after listening to it through to the end that Miller is a special individual off the field. But when we narrow it down to only football, his tale is just as remarkable. Miller topped Michigan’s Blake Corum by one with his 28 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press, making it the most by a running back at the Combine, according to Staples. As previously noted, he also set a record for his position in the 40-yard dash.

The article said, “A long shot to make a camp suddenly looked like a player who might be a late-round draft pick,” before going into depth about Miller’s most recent setback.

Miller was ineligible for the forthcoming draft due to the eligibility error, according to Staples. “He was eligible for last year’s supplemental draft (though no one knew it), and he should have been in the draft last year. Miller was therefore not a possible late-round selection. He had no restrictions.

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