HIJACK DEAL COWBOYS: New sign RB ” Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs cowboys hijack the deal against  green bay packers

HIJACK DEAL COWBOYS: New sign RB ” Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs cowboys hijack the deal against  green bay packers

Head coach Matt LaFleur was taken aback when the Green Bay Packers cut veteran Aaron Jones after signing running back Josh Jacobs from the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Green Bay Packers suffered a setback at running back and improved, while the Dallas Cowboys, who lost Tony Pollard, also had a decline in that area.

Josh Jacobs, a running back with the Las Vegas Raiders, was signed by the Packers to a four-year, $48 million contract in a highly publicized transaction during the free agency period.

The Packers had a pretty strong backfield with Jacobs, Aaron Jones, and AJ Dillon until they didn’t. Subsequently, Jones—who had been gradually regaining his form throughout the second half of the season—was released by the Packers. On the other hand, Dallas was never aware of Jacobs. Jones, perhaps. or even Dillon.

Additionally, a Dallas rival—the team that shocked the Cowboys in the playoffs—just advanced.

Head coach of the Green Bay Packers, Matt LaFleur, has recently stated that he was taken aback by the front office’s decision to remove Jones and sign Jacobs.

According to Madison.com’s Jason Wilde, LaFleur stated, “There were some other things in play, obviously with Aaron Jones, and I didn’t quite know how everything was going to go.” “It just happened that Monday really quickly. I’m not familiar with all the specifics because it all happened so quickly. I don’t participate in those kinds of discussions. However, we were ecstatic to have Jacobs.

Head coaches aren’t usually privy to those kinds of talks, but in LaFleur’s case, with Aaron Jones, who is an important component of the offense when healthy, maybe a heads-up would have been appropriate.


To better assist Jordan Love and the offense, the Packers decided to cut Jones and go on with Dillon and Jacobs as their two running backs.

The team is reloading following a fantastic 2023 campaign in which Love and Green Bay made it to the postseason, destroyed the Dallas Cowboys, and lost by a slim margin to the San Francisco 49ers.

While LaFleur will undoubtedly applaud the move for Jacobs, the news that Jones was released is still probably going to take some getting accustomed to, as he wasn’t anticipating it. Similarly, the fact that Dallas lacks depth and talent at the position will also take some getting used to around The Star.


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