Derrick Herry finally accepted $205 Million Contract deal with cowboys…

Derrick Henry claims that although it would have been a “perfect situation,” the Cowboys “never reached out.”

This summer, Derrick Henry got a contract with the Baltimore Ravens, but he recently talked about other teams he would have like to sign.
Jerry Jones did not give Derrick Henry a call, despite his desire for an opportunity to play for the Cowboys.

After Ezekiel Elliott’s huge deal, the Cowboys decided to go with youth instead of big contracts for running backs.
Henry has a new chance in Baltimore since he is now supported by a formidable squad.

After Derrick Henry’s remarks on the podcast “The Pivot,” Dallas Cowboys supporters have even more cause for ire.

The two-time rushing champion, who also happens to live in Dallas, called the American team “a perfect situation.” Regretfully, King Henry continued, “They ain’t holla at me at all.”

That would have been absurd. I had assumed it would have been a chat of some kind, a reach-out. You understand what I mean when I say that Dallas never made an effort? To be honest, I don’t know a lot about their organization. I just know what I’ve been told. My agent and I were speaking. They showed little interest in it. That’s just the way things are.


The Cowboys are content to wait out free agency when it comes to running back (and a lot of other positions) after Tony Pollard joined the Tennessee Titans to fill the vacuum left by Henry. Snoop Conner, Malik Davis, and Deuce Vaughn are listed on the depth chart, while Rico Dowdle was re-signed.

But while Henry goes on rampaging with the Baltimore Ravens and their top running offense, a lot of fans will be asking themselves “what if.”


Though Henry couldn’t help but consider other options, he is pleased that his free agency concluded with a two-year contract in Baltimore worth up to $20 million. He added that he was persuaded to sign in the Queen City by one specific Ravens legend:

As soon as free agency opened, I was determined to try to reach a mutually beneficial agreement with the Ravens. Despite the fact that I live in Dallas, which is a great place to be, we are not required to move because we are residents. On the other hand, the history of the Ravens, their passion for the team, Ray Lewis’s influence there, and his conversational style all came into play while discussing the organization.


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