INJURY REPORT: Celtic key players that injured and the proper handling…

Jaylen Brown discusses his approach to managing his left hand injury.
NBA Injury Report Today - Saturday, April 6

Aylen Brown was declared questionable for Wednesday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at TD Garden after missing two of the previous five games for the Celtics.
What kind of ailment is Brown suffering from, and how is it affecting him on the court?
Brown provided an update following the Celtics’ decisive 135-100 victory over the Thunder. Brown’s injured left hand seemed to trouble him intermittently during the game. Brown informed reporters, “I think I have a sprain or a strain on a ligament in my hand.” “But that seems OK to me. In the future, I won’t be too bothered about it.

“It worried me a little tonight, but performing and working through it are part of the solution. Brown had a difficult first three quarters, going five for fourteen in shooting and scored just eight points (4 of 14 overall, 0 for 5 from 3-point range). His left hand was involved in at least one of those errors, which should worry Celtics supporters who recall Brown having trouble handling the ball during the previous series.Celtics injury report is a cause for concern against the Magic - CelticsBlog

The three-time All-Star, however, bounced back with a tremendous fourth quarter, finishing the game with 23 points and four assists after scoring 15 points on 5 of 6 shooting during the last 12 minutes with two assists and no turnovers.

There is hope that Brown’s left hand injury won’t be a problem when the playoffs roll around after that last quarter. With a career-high 50.2 point average, the 27-year-old is having maybe his best all-around season.

After Wednesday’s victory, as seen in the video above, Celtics veteran Al Horford stated of Brown, “Being very unbiased, very clear, (Jaylen) is First-Team All-Defense.” “You look at what he’s doing individually and the impact that he makes on the defensive end … he deserves to be in that position.”

With their victory on Wednesday night, the Celtics secured the NBA’s top overall seed, so it wouldn’t be shocking if they took it easy on Brown’s injury and kept him out of a few games in the final stretch of the regular season.

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