Victor Wembanyama finally pick up for best Defensive Player of the Year…

Defensive Player of the Year contendera Victor Wembanyam is gaining momentum.
Victor Wembanyama is picking up steam for Defensive Player of the Year -  Pounding The Rock

As the season draws to a close, discussions surrounding year-end awards are heating up among basketball enthusiasts nationwide. While the Rookie of the Year debate seems settled with Victor Wembanyama emerging as the clear frontrunner, the race for Defensive Player of the Year is where the real intrigue lies.

For much of the season, Rudy Gobert has been the favored candidate for this award. The argument for the former multiple Defensive Player of the Year winner seemed straightforward: he’s been the anchor of the league’s top defense. However, in recent months, his fellow Frenchman has entered the conversation.

Over his last 15 games, Victor Wembanyama has been a defensive force, leading the league with an average of 4.3 blocks and 1.3 steals per game. His individual brilliance has translated into significant improvements for the San Antonio Spurs. During this stretch, the Spurs have boasted a defensive rating of 114.4, ranking 12th in the league.

Victor’s impact on his team’s performance cannot be overstated. Despite the Spurs’ 7-14 record since the All-Star break, his defensive prowess has been instrumental. As highlighted, his contributions transcend mere statistics.

Kirk Goldsberry’s graph from March 29th illustrates the Spurs’ defensive resurgence over the previous 10 games. However, as emphasized by former Defensive Player of the Year, Draymond Green, numbers only scratch the surface.Draymond Green Says Victor Wembanyama Is Defensive Player Of The Year |  Sideline Sources

In a remarkable reversal of his stance, Green, speaking on his podcast, now champions Wembanyama for the award. Following a recent encounter with him on the court, Green emphasized that his impact extends far beyond conventional metrics, that his presence in the paint dissuades opponents from attacking the rim: a factor that doesn’t always manifest in traditional stats.

It’s a testament to Wembanyama’s unique defensive prowess, placing him in a league of his own. As the debate rages on, we eagerly await the final verdict. Could Victor make history as the first rookie to claim the Defensive Player of the Year award? Only time will tell.

Nearly everyone in the national media has showered Wembanyama with praise, with Dan Patrick being the latest to join the chorus. When asked to choose between Caitlan Clark and Wembanyama, the radio host picked the Frenchman. However, despite the flattering words, Patrick’s pronunciation of “Wembanyama” seemed a bit off to me.

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