Pittsburgh Steelers set to sign Michigan QB over Vikings star Justin Jefferson after splashing $155.5 Millions with four years…

Ravens LB Remembers “Taking” Ben Roethlisberger’s Soul, the QB for the Steelers

Both parties concurred that the hit was among the worst in the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ career.
Pittsburgh One of the NFL’s most intense rivalries has always been between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. Furthermore, the NFL wasn’t always as careful even though they made an effort to stop fatal strikes.

In an interview on the team’s website, former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott recounted a blow to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger when he made sure to put a beating on Big Ben.

Scott remarked, “That chest was all I could see.” “That figure. Even better is that chin. possesses a Jay Leno-like chin. I was eager to remove that smug smile from his face. Ben Roethlisberger is the one who has borrowed the most from the Ravens.

It was our chance to make amends. “The most entertaining part was seeing him sit there and wriggle and kick his feet out. I’m happy that the Ravens are aware that I beheaded him and stole his soul each time they witness that memory.”
The song Scott is referring to was released in Week 12 of the 2006 campaign. Throughout his 18-year NFL career, Roethlisberger had numerous setbacks. He dismissed the majority of them, earning himself the moniker Big Ben.
But Roethlisberger recalls even this one.

“We discussed the hardest impact, which was when we were in Baltimore early in my career. And who can forget Bart Scott? I love you to death, Willie Parker, and Bart came around his left and my right. But Willie went to pick him up, and went left instead of right. I simply assumed that he had been picked up. According to Roethlisberger on his Footbahlin podcast, “I was looking left when he hit me in the chest.” “After that, everything happened extremely slowly. You know, like, I felt like my body was lifted off the ground, and I watched as my feet kind of flew beyond level one and level two, toward the sky, and then they struck the earth and I laid there gasping for air.”




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