Seahawks announce the best top players that qualify to face NFL coming draft…  

2024 NFL Draft top 30 visits for the Seahawks.

April has arrived, which signifies that NFL Draft season has begun! What the Seattle Seahawks do with their first-round selection will be closely watched. At number sixteen overall, who will they draft? Or are they going to trade down? Or are they going to do the unimaginable and trade up? What about not having a pick in the second round?

Every team receives up to thirty official in-person appointments with college prospects, who are brought into the team facilities for interviews and a medical examination, in addition to formal meetings at the NFL combine. The phrase “top 30 visit” does not imply that these players are the top 30 prospects for a certain team or in the sport. To prevent all of this, they should probably just change the name.

Not every pre-draft visit indicates that the Seahawks will select every player, as you can undoubtedly figure out, but typically it’s a sign that at least one of these guys will be selected, either as an undrafted free agency or in the draft. Boye Mafe (drafted), Dareke Young (drafted), and Joshua Onujiogu (UDFA) were all brought in as top 30 visitors by the Seahawks in 2022.

Following official visits, the Seahawks selected Devon Witherspoon, Anthony Bradford, and Jerrick Reed II in the offseason. At the conclusion of the preseason, they claimed Drake Thomas off waivers.This is a tracker for every visit by a top 30 Seahawk that has been verified or reported. Over the next weeks, we will update this post with any new names.

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