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Buffalo Bills 2024 NFL offseason workouts revealed.

Buffalo Bills offseason workout dates announced

The NFL released the 2024 schedule on Friday, which teams may use to plan their offseason exercises. The schedule allows for up to nine weeks of optional workouts broken up into three phases.

Phase One is the first two weeks of a team’s offseason program, during which time only meetings, strength and conditioning exercises, and player physical rehabilitation are permitted.
The next three weeks are dedicated to Phase Two, which offers more skill-specific training. Football fields can be used for workouts, but live contact and offense vs. defense drills are strictly prohibited. Rather, drills are limited to “perfect play drills” and individual or group teaching. In drills that are conducted in Phase Two, offensive players are also permitted to line up opposite offensive players.

The last four weeks of a team’s offseason training regimen are known as Phase Three. Live communication is still not allowed during this time. Drills such as 7-on-7, 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 are permitted, though. Teams are permitted to engage in organized team practice activities (OTAs) for ten days during this phase.
Teams may hold one required minicamp for seasoned players during Phase Three as well. Minicamps that are required are limited to a maximum of three days.

NFL announces offseason workout dates for all 32 teams - The Athletic

Additionally, rookie development football programs follow a very strict set of rules. Teams are not allowed to host events on the weekends during this program, which may start on May 13 and go up to seven weeks. One post-draft minicamp is the only time the “no weekends” rule is waived. Requirements for the rookie minicamp include

A different kind of minicamp is permitted for specific teams. Teams may hold one optional veteran minicamp if they have recruited a new head coach for the 2024 campaign. This voluntary camp needs to be held prior to the NFL Draft and cannot occur before the third week of a team’s offseason training schedule.

Articles 21 and 22 of the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which is published on the NFL Communications website and expires at the end of the 2030 league year, provide the specific regulations governing the league’s offseason workouts.
The Buffalo Bills will hold their required minicamp for veterans from June 11–13. They will start their offseason training program on Monday, April 15. They will have OTAs on in between

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