JUST IN:New england patriots coach is willing to divorce his wife because of…

Who is Chantel Rostant, Jerod Mayo's wife?

Report: After the Patriots leave, Bill Belichick plans to write a book on an unidentified subject.

Bill Belichick wasn’t known for being a wizard with words in front of a microphone, but he may have been storing it all up to get out in written form now that he’s no longer coaching in the NFL. Per The Athletic’s Andrew Marchand, the legendary former New England Patriots head coach is planning to write a book on a topic that is “not yet fully known.” Even though Belichick parted ways with the Patriots in January, his 24-year tenure with the organization has been back in the spotlight this spring on the Apple TV documentary series The Dynasty.

There has been criticism aimed at the series for how Belichick has been portrayed, particularly in the sixth episode that focused a lot of Aaron Hernandez. Belichick was asked about the former Patriots tight end, but declined to provide any notable answers.

Who is Chantel Rostant, Jerod Mayo's wife?

Director Matt Hamachek even appeared on the Eye on Foxboro podcast (h/t Karen Guregian of MassLive.com) to defend the show’s use of Belichick: “I think I had to ask him the question (in the Hernandez episode), I mean, mainly this all comes down to this question, you hear me ask him the question about Aaron coming to him, and telling him he fears for his safety, and all of this kind of stuff, and I felt like I needed to ask him the question. And, like everybody else, he was given the opportunity to respond to it. And I put his response in, the same way I put everyone else’s in.”

Several former Patriots players have spoken out against the show’s portrayal of Belichick. Devin McCourty and Rodney Harrison praised him for being instrumental in the team’s success, but felt the series only focused on the more-negative aspects of his tenure.

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