Franchise QB key man open for Raiders to sign $55.07 million trade contract dual 2024 draft…

Franchise Tag Prospect for the Raiders.

In his first offseason with the organization, the new general manager of the Las Vegas Raiders will have to make some difficult decisions. A recent study examines one such dilemma. Josh Jacobs and the Las Vegas Raiders offensive had a very different 2023 season than in 2022, when they finished as one of the worst rushing teams in the National Football League. In 2022, they had led the league in rushing.

More people were harmed than not by former coach Josh McDaniels’ failure to maximize the potential of the offense he assembled. Ultimately, it resulted in the dismissal of an offensive coordinator, head coach, and general manager.

One of the first and most crucial choices that newly appointed Raiders general manager Tom Telesco will have to make will concern Josh Jacobs, the team’s standout running back.

Jacobs dominated the league in rushing the previous offseason, so the Raiders applied their franchise tag to him. While he and the Raiders hammered out a one-year contract that paid Jacobs marginally more than he would have if he signed the franchise tag offer, the veteran back would miss the entire offseason.

The Raiders naming Antonio Pierce their permanent head coach heightened the chances of Jacobs returning. However, the terms of Jacobs’ return are up to Telesco and the Raiders’ front office.

After Jacobs’ down season, where he ran for roughly half the yards he did the season before, Marcus Mosher of Pro Football Focus believes the Raiders could use the franchise tag the same way they did last offseason.

Like last season, the Raiders might use their franchise tag on Jacobs again. He and the team could agree that it works for both sides in the short term.

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