ACCORDING TO REPORT:Professional volleyball is brought to Viejas by the San Diego…

San Diego Mojo set to serve excitement at Viejas Arena -

San Diego Mojo bring pro volleyball to Viejas.

The debut season of the San Diego Mojo, a new professional women’s volleyball team, begins on Thursday night in Atlanta with a match.

The broad picture: As funding for women’s volleyball increases at the university, youth, and professional levels, the sport is flourishing in the United States.

What’s happening: Tickets for Mojo games at SDSU’s Viejas Arena go on sale on Thursday at 10 a.m.

The inaugural home game versus the Grand Rapids Rise is scheduled for Friday, February 23, at 7 p.m.
Season tickets are available at discounted rates, with over half of the tickets costing $20 or less.
Act astutely: At 4 p.m., watch the live Mojo vs. Atlanta Vibe match on YouTube.

San Diego Mojo set to serve excitement at Viejas Arena -

For the second year in a row, San Diego has experienced a decline in crime. Why this matters: San Diego is still one of the largest cities in the country with the lowest rates of crime, and its recent declines reflect a national trend following a spike in crime during the pandemic. By the numbers: According to the San Diego Police Department’s annual report released this week, overall crime in the city decreased by 2.7% in 2023, from murder and sexual assault to vandalism and alcohol violations. This follows a 7.5% decrease in 2022.

Murders reached 51 in 2022 and 57 in 2021 before dropping to 45 last year.
Enlarge: The 2023 crime report shows that San Diego had reductions of 16% in burglaries and sexual assaults, as well as 28.6% in prostitution and 12% in stolen property.

Animal cruelty cases rose by 500%, although from a relatively low baseline.
Other increases include 10% more drug infractions, 5.6% more aggravated assaults, 3.4% more car thefts, and 10.5% more curfew, loitering, and vagrancy crimes.
Yes, but: From 38 hate crimes in 2022 to 66 in 2023, a 73% increase in hate crimes occurred.


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