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The New York Giants had a quarterback carousel in the 2023 NFL season. As a result, this has left the team uncertain as to who their quarterback will be moving forward. However, there is other big quarterback news circling the NFL right now.

That quarterback news involves the Dallas Cowboys and their current QB, Dak Prescott. Right now, there is some uncertainty as to whether Prescott will remain their QB past 2024. If he were to leave the Cowboys, would the Giants be a good fit to snag him up? Read below to find out.

Daniel Jones is expected to return to the Giants in 2024. Right now, he is projected to be the starting quarterback. However, that is far from guaranteed by the time the regular season comes along.

For starters, Jones very well could get injured again. He has had significant injuries multiple times throughout his NFL career. The next one could be the one that costs him his starting job.

Second of all, Jones regressed in 2023 compared to 2022. He had six interceptions in six starts last season. In comparison, he had five interceptions in 16 games during the 2022 season.

The 2024 NFL season will likely be a defining one for Daniel Jones. Should he fail, the Giants will likely move on from him following this season. That could leave a quarterback opening for the 2025 NFL season.

This is where Dak Prescott comes in. Yesterday, it was revealed by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that there will likely be no contract extension for Prescott before this season begins. Prescott has one year left on his contract. So, he theoretically could become a free agent in 2025.

NFL news: Cowboys QB Dak Prescott could hit free-agent market in 2025 - Silver And Black Pride


Assuming the Giants are in a similar position next season, it could leave them needing a quarterback while not having the proper draft position to draft one. Dak Prescott has certainly proven reliable over the years should New York need a veteran moving forward.

One big caveat to this potential match is the 2024 NFL Draft. We need to see who the New York Giants select with the sixth overall pick.

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