OFFICIAL NEWS: Panthers former legend Steve Smith reasons of talking against Bryce Young for 2024 season….

Before the 2024 season begins, Panthers icon Steve Smith speaks candidly about Bryce Young.

It is official that Bryce Young will succeed in the 2024 campaign. However, that does not imply that he has the support of everyone. Steve Smith Sr., the legendary player with the Carolina Panthers, was recently asked if he still supports Young. The former standout wide receiver was clearly undecided about the first overall pick based on his response.

In an interview with RG3 and The Ones, Smith stated, “I liked Bryce Young initially.” “We need to choose a man. That’s what we do. We need to choose a man. It doesn’t mean I don’t think C.J. [Stroud] can play just because I choose Bryce and suggested we go with him. I stated that Bryce processed information more quickly than C.J., as other individuals had also noted.

But in the end, if a bright child spends a lot of time with other brilliant people, he may wind up looking dumb. Even a bright child might become exceptionally intelligent if they are surrounded by intelligent individuals. I’m trying to convey that you are only as good as your company, and that company can only help you get better.

The general manager of the Panthers, Dan Morgan, invested a lot of work on strengthening the offensive line and bolstering the pass-catcher group, which was lacking in wide receivers.
Young has limited justifications in year two. The team is now built around him. Time to find out if he rises to the occasion.


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